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Saturday, February 13, 2016

September 2015

 We went to the clubhouse with some neighborhood friends to watch "Frozen" in the theater.  Of course Amelia had to wear her Elsa dress and Jack wanted to dress as Kristoff.  I'd say we did a pretty good job piecing together a costume for him.
 A glimpse at our baby.  You can see that it is a real baby! 
 Super Jack practicing flying off the bed
 I love that these two love each other and are best friends!  Here we were at GramPam & Pa-Pa's house.  All the other chairs and couches were available to sit in but they chose to sit right next to each other to watch the movie together. LOVE!
The kids were eating popcorn.  I found Amelia with her paper dolls on the floor and a cup of popcorn filled up for each of them.  What a kind hostess Amelia is becoming - even to paper dolls. :)
Surprise - more ice cream for Amelia
 It may only be September but we are ready for Fall. We made yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!
 Jack had been asking for months if we could build a tree house in our backyard.  The big problem was that we kind of lacked a tree that was big enough for a tree house.  Thankfully we came up with an idea and the boys got to work building.
 Having fun a Lowes while picking up more supplies for the tree house
 Catching a ride on the big cart with ply-wood
 Back to work cutting, drilling and nailing
 Amelia brought out her little plastic hammer to help with the project too :) Such great helpers!
 We got out some of our fall decorations.  These friendly ghost lights made it to be hung up in Jack's room.  He loved sleeping in his old bed so he could be by the lights.
 Too tired to eat
 Barrett took a trip to India.  Spiderman Jack is saying goodbye to Daddy before his long flight to the other side of the world.
 Hugs from Amelia too
 So what do you do while Daddy is in India for the week?  Hang out with these 2 cuties...
 ....go to a shrimp boil at Mom-mom& Pepa's house,
 share a big banana split at Braums,
 get slurpees, (notice a theme here? Yummy snacks for a hungry pregnant momma)
 sleepovers with mommy in the big bed,
 and finally - making "Welcome Home Daddy" signs!
 We sure missed him and were glad to have him home!
The kids and I loved our treats he brought home for us from India.  Here Amelia is wearing her beautiful new dress. So glad to have him home!

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