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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fishing (for scooters????)

On Sunday in Savannah, residents got together for a fishing tournament at one of the local ponds.
The family is somewhere in the picture.
Barrett and my Dad trying to catch dinner.
My Fisherman

The only person in my family that caught anything today was Jeremy and Sonya (my brother and sister in law), although it wasn't a fish that they caught. It was this moss covered scooter. Weird, huh?

Celebrating at the Fire House

This weekend we celebrated our nephew Preston's 4th birthday! We met at their home earlier in the day and they surprised me with my birthday gift - these beautiful greenery arrangements for the house. I love them! Preston loves to try out Barrett's red jeep. 4 years old and already ready to drive.
Preston is the one with the green and blue stripped shirt on. Isn't that cute how he is standing with his hands behind his back? He did that for most of the party as he listened to all the firemen had to teach them.

All the kiddos got to try a ride in the drivers seat.

This is the birthday boy sitting on the front of the fire truck.

Happy Birthday, Preston!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I celebrated my 27th birthday this week. On my big day I came home to this vase full of beautiful colorful flowers from my wonderful husband. Isn't he sweet! He also treated me the next day to a very yummy dinner at Red Lobster with lots of shrimp and cheddar cheese biscuits!
On the evening of my birthday I went out for a pedicure with my mom and my sisters Tara and Hannah. Pedicures are my favorite!

Here are my orange toes. This is the first time I had them paint flowers on my toes. Aren't they cute? :-)
Mom and Hannah
Next stop - Outback Steakhouse. We had a bloomin' onion, salads with the most incredible croutons ever, steak, and potatoes. I love food, can you tell?

Earlier this month Tara treated me to this gift of a super cozy outfit with the idea of having a fun and relaxing (cozy) birthday's worked. What a fun evening with the girls - my best friends!

Sneak Peek

Barrett took another business trip to NYC this past week. I asked him to take a few pictures of the city to give me a sneak peek of our upcoming trip to New York for my brothers graduation.

I love, love, love the city and can't wait to visit again!!! Funny story - remember a few weeks ago I blogged about all of Barrett's sweepstakes winnings. Well these pictures are complementary of one of his winnings. While on his trip, his group had a little contest. The winners won a brand new Nikon Colorpix Point and Shoot digital camera - 10 mega pixels and 3.6 zoom. Guess who won???? You guessed it - my winning husband!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best Friends

Java has a best friend. His name is Charlie, the basset hound. Conveniently enough he is our neighbor right over the fence behind our house. Often you can find Java sitting on the back porch, looking over the fence, just waiting for the moment when Charlie sets foot outside his house. We just mention the name Charlie and Java's ears perk up and she is ready to go play. Isn't he the cutest little puppy? I LOVE his ears.
Java and Charlie can spend hours in our backyard playing together. They love trips to the dog park. Their parents also enjoy the time to sit and chat while the kiddos play. It's so nice to have such wonderful neighbors. We are absolutely blessed!
Best Friends - Java and Charlie.

Pink Bike. Yellow Flowers.

Yesterday was Savannah's community yard sale day. I love yard sale day in Savannah. We took the bikes out to go shopping, along with a bag to haul our purchases around with us. One purchase was a vase of yellow and white flowers for only 50 cents. I guess I looked a little funny riding home with a bouquet of flowers sticking out of my bag, but we sure had fun and I love looking at my new flowers!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rough Riders

We had a last minute surprise last night - an invitation to go to the Rough Riders game with the Benker family. Rough Riders won! It was a fun night of baseball, family, and all you can eat hamburgers and hotdogs! Tanya, Barrett, Tara, Jacob, and OliverOliver was picked to go down to the field between one of the innings for the Lemonhead competition between he and 2 other babies. They were each given a squirt of lemon juice and whoever made the funniest face, won. Well there was no funny face from little Ollie. He drank that lemon juice like it was the juice that was in his sippy cup everyday! So he didn't officially win the game, but we still think he wins for the cutest face of all the babies!!!!
Calahan was the reason we were all able to go to this game. We went along with the rest of his baseball team. While watching the game I asked Cal. "So are you going to play for the Rough Riders someday?" Very matter of factly he answers, "Yes." He has no question about it! So be on the lookout for CALAHAN BENKER, the professional baseball player soon!

Dylan with his baseball glove, ready to catch a ball.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Happy Easter! We had a great day. We started out the day celebrating the Resurrection early Sunday morning. We sang in the choir all 3 services. Next we went to a yummy lunch with all the family (about 30) to the wonderful buffet, Golden Corral. Easter afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt with the nieces and nephews at my sister Tara's house. Barrett helped hide the eggs.
All the kiddos anxiously awaiting the Easter egg hunt!

Wow! Look at all those eggs! Inside 250 of those eggs were water balloons. So after the egg hunt we filled the balloons and had a big water balloon fight. I think this could be a new Easter tradition. Everybody loved it!