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Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Christmas Celebrating

We celebrated Christmas at our house with Barrett's side of the family on the 27th.

Barrett got to have his first experience frying a turkey in our backyard.
It was yummy!
 The cousins had so much fun playing together all day long.
 We had a busy morning cooking in the kitchen.
 Right before present time Jack did a little impromptu concert for us singing "Happy Birthday" over and over again and "Jingle Bells."  He was as serious as could be while singing.  At one point GramPam started singing along with Jack, but Jack said to her "No Singing GramPam."  Yikes! He wanted all the attention.
 So excited to open more presents.  By this point, Jack is on his 4th day straight of opening gifts between Christmas eve, Christmas, birthday, and now more Christmas.
 Playing together
 Pa-Pa & GramPam with their new Baylor shirts

Relaxing and playing after a full day of celebrating!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jack is 3 Years Old - Airplane Birthday Party

At 3:35am on December 26, 2013, our little guy Jack turned 3 years old!
 Weight at 3 years: 30 lbs (32 percentile)
Height at 3 years: 35.25 inches (7 percentile)
 He has been practicing saying "3 years old" and holding up 3 fingers.  Looks like he's got it!
3 year update on Jack: Jack is too much fun!  He loves to talk. We are at the point to where we can actually have conversations and understand most of what he says.  He loves to sing, dance, read books, "preach" with his bible, play with play dough, be tickled, brush his teeth, watch "monster cookies" (sesame street) and Daniel Tiger, loves airplanes and trains, loves being outside, and eating snacks. His favorite foods are pizza, chicken nuggets, carrots and ranch dip, edamame, apples (without the skin), hamburger and fries, chocolate milk and most importantly DESSERT! Jack sleeps great at night and still takes a long nap each day (about 3 hours.) He loves to be close to mom and dad.  If one of us is ever away he says, "mommy daddy come back" i guess just reassuring himself that we will come back. Jack still sleeps in his crib.  Climbing out has never really been an issue for him so we never changed him over to a big boy bed.  Looks like we may just need to switch him over, otherwise he may never get out of that crib.  He is doing fairly well with potty training.  He does great at home while wearing just underwear.  But oddly enough once you put pants on him he tends to forget he has to go potty.  So once we get past this stage I think we will be doing great!  Its just kind of difficult to go out places now with undies on him since you pretty much need to wear pants out in public. Ha!
On Jack's birthday we stayed home and played with all the new toys from his birthday and Christmas.
Planes toy
 ABC puzzle
Fishing game
The evening of his birthday we had his 3rd birthday party - airplane style.  In my mind it was going to be a smaller party with just family and a couple friends. Wrong! It was just with family and a couple friends but our house was still packed out with like 50 people!  We may need to start considering parties outside the home (or get a much bigger home which isn't an option I'm up for.)
Sign on the front door

The re-fueling station = pulled pork sandwiches, chips, ranch style beans, veggie tray & applesauce
Jet Fuel = coffee

Baggage Check-in = coats and purses in our room.
The craft was decorate an airplane (made out of a clothespin & popsicle sticks)

 This boy is ready for his birthday party!
 Let the party begin!
 All 4 grandparents, many Aunts & Uncles, Cousins, and Friends were there.  It was so special having so many people there to celebrate!

Daddy and the birthday boy!
 Jack's favorite part - CAKE
 Happy Birthday to you....
 The kids played "pin the propeller on the airplane"
The party was a big success!  Not sure when my baby boy turned into a big 3 year old.  But I am loving this age so far.  He makes me laugh each day.  So thankful for our precious Jack and look forward to all that the Lord has in store for him!

Christmas Day

Happy Birthday, Jesus!
We are so thankful for the birth of Christ!  It's because of Him, we get to celebrate this special day.
We woke up Christmas morning to a room full of new presents!
 Santa left a pink car for Amelia and a red car for Jack.
 They both wanted the red car.  Amelia wanted nothing to do with her pink car.  For real little girl?!
 So as Jack happily opened more Christmas gifts, Amelia happily played in Jack's new red car.
 New number and letter magnets!
 A new umbrella
 Such a fun morning at home.
Next stop for the day was a trip over to Mom-mom & Pepa's house for breakfast and to exchange gifts.
 Jack is holding Aunt Hannah's gift here.  Apparently his goal for a large portion of the morning was to hide this gift from Hannah. He ran all over the house trying to keep it from her.  At one point I even saw him drag one of the kitchen chairs into the living room, climbing onto the chair and reaching up to the ceiling fan like maybe he could reach up there and hide it on top of a fan blade.  I had no idea he was so creative in his hiding places.  Luckily for Hannah, she eventually managed to get her gift away from this silly boy and open it.
 Amelia's favorite time of the morning was playing with all the wrapping paper that covered the floor.
 Checking out his new sticker book on Hannah's lap.
 Mom-mom & Pepa with a house full of kids and grand kids.
 Here was Aaron's impressive wrapping job with the gift he gave us.  Interesting.... :-)  Looks to me like he could benefit from a trip to some after Christmas clearance sales on gift wrap.
 Jack got an extra gift just for him from his Uncle Jake...Jack's first toy gun.
 Jack has been going around our house with his gun saying things like = "Where's the water?" - since he has only played with water guns before & "I'm gonna get that cat!" - we really have no idea how he thought of that :-/
 Our family Christmas morning
 Around lunch time GramPam & PaPa arrived at our house with a packed full car!
We enjoyed a fun afternoon together at home.
 Jack played with some of his new toys,
 and we opened more of our family gifts to each other.
 Jack finally got a turn in his new car.
 Looks to me like Amelia is only interested in all of Jack's toys.  She really did get her own gifts.
Such a fun day! That evening we all went back to my parents house for dinner and to celebrate with the Craig side of the family. Unfortunately I somehow got away without taking any pictures.