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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Snow???

Yes, just days after Christmas (on December 29) it snowed yet again! This is rare in Texas!
What will the weather be like tomorrow?

Another Christmas Celebration

We celebrated Christmas with the whole Walch Family the day after Christmas. It sure was fun! Mackenzie
We played beauty shop. Mackenzie put my hair in pig tails and did my make-up. Thanks, Mackenzie!
Preston and Uncle Barrett loved playing the "car game" on the PS2.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A White Christmas

I have always dreamed of a white Christmas and my wish came true. I looked out my window Christmas morning and the ground was still covered with a thick white blanket of beautiful snow! Tanya and Barrett checking out the snow Christmas morning.
Barrett and his Dad checking out the snow and ice out front of the house.

Our house on a white Christmas morning.
Our Family - 2009
Barrett, his Dad, and Java playing in the snow.
Java had lots of fun playing in the snow!!!
The snow was so thick it covered over Barrett's shoe. It must have been about 4 inches thick in our backyard.
Next we drove half a block on the slick icy roads over to my parents house. We always get together to exchange gifts with my parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews on Christmas morning. Do these boys look excited to open presents or what?
Everyone with their big pile of gifts...waiting their turn to open theirs.

I made Calahan, Korbin, Chandler, and Dylan these pillows for Christmas. Korbin has a book of "Monsters" that he created and drew, so I used his drawings to make these pillows for all the little boys.

The presents have been opened. I always love to see the mess of wrapping paper afterward.
Back home - Java enjoying her bone that Santa left her under the Christmas tree.

Barrett and I exchanged gifts to each other early Christmas afternoon. One of the things he got me was this cool beverage dispenser. I had been wanting one for a long time to use with all the entertaining we do at our house.
One thing that Barrett got was a red Jeep Wrangler remote controlled car. It looks just like his real red Jeep Wrangler.

Pam and Conrad were able to spend Christmas with us this year. We have had a great time together!

Christmas night we had the extended family over to our house for Christmas dinner.

Barrett read the Christmas Story from Luke 2.

Cami and Madi wearing their shirts I made them for Christmas.
Barrett with his new toy!

A Snowy Christmas Eve

On December 23rd it was in the 70s. On December 24th it was snow and ice...only in Texas! What a treat to have a snow storm on Christmas Eve!So happy to stand in the snow!!! Barrett and his mom watching the snow.
It was beginning to get icy.

You can really see the snow flakes here.

The cooks did some baking on Christmas Eve. This is a batch of Divinity. We also made some lemon pies, toffee, and peppermint bark.
Snow covered holly berries.

Driving to church for the Christmas Eve service in a "blizzard."

We spent the evening at Tara and Jacob's house. Santa made his yearly visit to the front door to deliver to each of us our first gift. Thanks Santa!
All the kids opening their gifts from Santa.
By the time we left the Benkers house to come home (just 1/2 a block away) the roads and sidewalks were very icy. Barrett came up with is own idea of a moving sidewalk so we didn't slip on the ice - 2 big pieces of cardboard, leap frogging one in front of the other. He is just so creative!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From Java

Merry Christmas!!!



Savannah Girls Cookie Exchange

After having a fun get together for another cookie exchange with my Sunday school class, I thought it would be a great idea to get some girls together in the neighborhood for a cookie and ornament exchange. We had a lot of fun - and ate way too many cookies!!! We enjoyed getting to know several neighbors and look forward to doing this again sometime! Savannah Girls (and surrounding areas:-)
My plate of Cookies!!! Oh, they were so yummy!!!

Grandy's Birthday

Grandy came over for dinner at our house for her birthday last week. One of her gifts was this cute pink "snuggy!" Happy Birthday, Grandy!
"All snuggy-ed up" - Pepa, Madi, and Grandy.

Gloria 2009

Last weekend was "Gloria" with the Prestonwood Choir and Orchestra. Myself, along with Barrett, my Mom, and my Dad are all a part of the choir and were able to be a part of the presentation again this year. Around 20,000 people came this year during the 4 performances. Over 400 of those made decisions for Christ! It truly is a blessing for us to have the opportunity to take part in such a life changing event for so many. On Sunday night many of our family members came to see the show.
Mom, Dad, Barrett and I waiting in the Choir room for the last performance. We all had a fun time together for the weekend.

Here we are. Funny, this is the place we first the choir at Prestonwood.
Mother and Daughter
Mom and Dad

LaMadeleine's & Shopping

Earlier on in this month of December, Tara, Oliver, and I went on a fun outing to LaMadeleine's for lunch at the Galleria along with some shopping for Christmas. It was such a fun and relaxing day of shopping with my big sister! I look forward to many more of those fun days sometime again real soon! Sisters
Little Ollie - 15 months old