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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cabin Get-Away

Barrett and I were able to have a little get-away, just the 2 of us at the end of May.  It was a birthday celebration for Barrett/Anniversary celebration.
 We went to a cabin in Oklahoma.  We originally were suppose to go to a different town and cabin in OK, but just as we were getting ready to leave that morning, we got a call saying that due to all the rain, there was flooding in the area so could no longer go there .  That was a big bummer!  We quickly hopped online and within a couple hours found another cabin available in another part of Oklahoma and were quickly on our way.
 We had so much fun!  So relaxing.  We enjoyed quiet dinners cooked on the grill, smores, walks, the hot tub, just being in the quiet!
 How fun to be able to cook a big breakfast and eat it in peace. :)
 We enjoyed the walks through the woods...accept for the part where we saw a skunk right in our pathway.  That is probably the fastest I have ever run in my life!
 I think this was Barrett's favorite part - the campfire each day.
 Such breathtaking scenery.
 Breakfast on the patio
A trip to see Turner Falls
 And a big thank you to the grandparents (both sets) for taking care of the kiddos so we could have these few days away! What a wonderful time we all had!

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