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Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall at Our House

Time to play catch-up!  Here is some of what has been going on in our family this fall....
 Pancake breakfast at IHOP with Pepa
 Fall Fishing Tournament
 Since GramPam & Pa-Pa live close by now, they were able to come see what the fishing tournament was like.
 Letter M week
Making shapes and letters with Marshmallows.
 Going on a nature walk, looking for things that remind us of fall.
 Looking closely with a Magnifying glass at the treasures that were found on the nature walk 
 Crazy hair in the shower!
 Time for a hair cut!
 We did some research on Monkeys at the library.  
 More fun with the magnifying glass....looking at indian corn.
 Craft time - cutting out paper to turn into indian corn.  He wasn't too excited to have to cut something out (the reason for the pile of M&M's on the table...a little bribery was needed :-)
 Jack used legos to paint his indian corn.
 Last week was free coffee week at RaceTrack.  Jack and Amelia looked forward to getting some hot chocolate a few of those days.  Such a nice treat!
 Amelia has insisted on being a big girl and sitting at the big girl table for meals.  This is the view you will find as she sits there - sitting on her knees and her feet poking out the back of the chair.  So tempting to go tickles those feet!
We took the train to the State Fair of Texas this year.  This was Jack & Amelia's first time to ride the train and they both loved it!

 Big Tex
 Watching Taffy being made.

 There is the cutest children's area at the fair where the kids go around and pretend they are farmers.  They put on aprons, carry around a basket, feed the pretend animals, plant and harvest vegetables, etc.  So much fun.

 Petting Zoo

 Our favorite...a mommy kangeroo and her baby in her "pocket" as Jack likes to call it.
 Turkey leg time!
 Chillin' on the porch swing at the fair.
 One evening our neighborhood hosted a "Movie Under the Stars' night. The weather was PERFECT for watching a movie outside on the lawn.  Mom-mom made some popcorn to snack on.  It was such a fun treat for us all. 
 Pumpkin decorating at Calloway's nursery.
 The boys took a bike ride to the store to pick up burger buns to go with dinner.  Those silly boys came back with a few bags of chips and several boxes of pumpkin delights. :-)
 Once Amelia woke up, she went for a ride in the bike trailer while Jack rode his tricycle along side.  I love seeing how fast his feet peddle.  He is a pro on his tricycle.
 We used Barrett's fire pit for the first time.  Smores!
 Popcorn picnic on the porch swing
 Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch with our friend Lorelei.

 M&M color graph
 These 2 little helpers helped me make homemade apple sauce in the crockpot.
 Muddy! Muddy! These two mischievous ones made some mud stew and got messy messy!
 Jack made his very first sandwich - peanut butter and nutella chocolate.  So proud.
 Griffin and Jack (he loves that Santa shirt)
 We went out to lunch to celebrate Papa's birthday.
 Lover of necklaces
 Fun in the fall leaves at Mckinney Trade Days
 Frying a turkey
 Storytime at the library.  Amelia brought her baby along to hear the story too.  She looks so serious.
 My girly girl. Pretty skirt. Necklaces. Bow. Purse. Baby doll. Stroller Shopping cart. Somehow she made it out of the house without any fancy shoes on. I always joke that I think that she thinks she is about 20 years old!
 Trip to the zoo with Griffin & Eliana

 This chimpanzee put on quite a show - walking around in front of the window and puckering out its lips like it was trying to give kisses.
 Every few minutes this gorilla came up to the window, would pound on the window and one time even pounded its chest. Didn't know gorillas were able to put on such entertaining shows.

 We went to Lowes and got wood to build a new sewing table for me! Yippee! Jack offered to help hold onto the wood (that was going over his head in the car) while we were on our drive home.  He has been such a good helper recently.
 This weekend we had our Choir mini Christmas camp to practice all our music for our Christmas production this December.  We went ahead and brought Jack into rehearsal with us.  He has been listening to our Christmas choir music all year long and is so excited about it.  We dressed him up for the occasion in his Santa suit (which is also his Halloween costume for this year per his request).
 To our surprise Santa was at rehearsal too! So Santa and Santa Jack got to have their pictures taken together.
 Amelia the Snow girl and Santa Jack dressed in their Halloween costumes for the neighborhood fall fest.
 Train ride

 Roasted corn on the cob.  You better believe she ate every single kernel on that cob.  Its was yummy!
 Decorating pumpkins
 Precious pigtails.  After I got Amelia dressed in this dress for church and put her hair in her pig tails, she said, "Look in the mirror?" Can this really be starting already?!?!  So I took her to look in the mirror and she got the biggest smile on her face.  I guess she approved (and knows she is adorable :-)
 A rare picture these days of just the 2 of us together. Love my husband.
 Hand print spiders and a yarn spider web craft.  They were both so proud of their works of art and requested that they be hung on display on the fridge.
Hard at work at the desk.  Note to self...while preparing school activities for Jack, prepare the same thing for Amelia to do too.  She is not a happy girl when big brother gets to do something and she doesn't.

Sometimes I can't believe that this is my life.  These are my kids. My husband. My house.  As crazy as it can seem sometimes at this stage of life, I love (most) everything about it. Feeling so thankful.