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Monday, December 1, 2014

Amelia the 2 Year Old

We celebrated Amelia's 2nd birthday (a day early) by having some fun out at the mall.
 We took our first visit to Build-a-Bear. Amelia chose a sparkly pink cat named "Sparkle" and Jack chose a brown bear named "Bear".
Both Jack & Amelia were a little nervous about pushing the peddle that filled up the bears with fluff.  It was loud and kind of scared them.  Ooops!
 Amelia chose 2 hearts to put in her bear.

 Giving their bears a bath
 Going for a ride on the ice cream truck
 Chick-fil-A lunch in the food court
 A ride on the carousel
 Coloring a picture at the Disney Store
Once we got home we played outside for a couple hours.  Barrett and the kids flew a kite out front of our house.
 2 YEARS OLD!!!!
 Playing in the leaves

Amelia wasn't feeling the best on the early morning of her birthday so I was actually able to get another picture at 3:35am, the exact minute she turned 2 years old!
 Her birthday cinnamon roll breakfast.
 On the morning of her birthday she opened presents from Mommy and Daddy.
 They insisted on wearing their giraffe hats for the present opening.  She had a cute bow to wear - but whatever makes you happy...

Jack was a great present opening helper :)
 The birthday princess
 Playing with her new toys
 This was also the day we celebrated Thanksgiving with Barrett's side of the family.  So Amelia got a yummy turkey dinner for her birthday lunch!
 Singing Happy Birthday with a pumpkin muffin and pumpkin pie.

 We took a walk to the pond.  It was a perfect weather day.  Just like the day she was born.
Enjoying a cup of  "coffee" (apple cider) :-)

For the Record:
Amelia weighs 24 lbs. Wears 24 month/2T clothes. Size 6 shoes. Talks ALL THE TIME! Such a big vocabulary.  Loves taking care of baby dolls.  Is always carrying a purse and often is wearing jewelry.  Loves to sing and dance.  Favorite foods are fruits, veggies, potatoes and pasta.  LOVES lollipops and Lucky Charms.  Enjoys going on walks while riding in her little pink car.  Calls herself "baby".  We are IN LOVE with her!!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Amelia!

Amelia's 2nd Birthday Baby Doll Party!

Our little Amelia turned 2!
We celebrated by having a baby doll birthday party.  Baby dolls are her favorite right now so this was perfect for her.
Doesn't she look like a baby doll?!
 The living room was all set for playtime with the baby dolls - changing pads, doll blankets, doll clothes,
strollers & baby doll beds.
Displayed were many pictures of Amelia over the past year.
Dinner was pasta, green beans, salad &  french bread.

 Craft Table - Decorate a diaper bag for your baby doll
 Party favors - baby bottle, blanket, rattle & bracelet to fill up their little diaper bags 
 Decorating their bags

 All the girls and boys brought their favorite doll or stuffed animal with them.
Here is the birthday girl with her baby!

 Big Brother Jack
 The Party Guests

Birthday Girls Dinner
The birthday cake
Waiting for her cake. She was SOOO excited!!!!

 Our Family

 Sharing her cake
 Amelia insisted on sitting in this chair to open her presents.
 Her new frozen dress/nightgown
 She was so excited about her new baby dolls. With each gift she opened she gave a little squeal and laugh of excitement!
 Trying on her new red purse.

So excited for our big 2 year old Amelia Joy! She is growing into such a talkative, energetic, loving young lady and we are so thankful to have her as our little girl!