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Friday, May 4, 2012

Coming Soon....November 2012

A new baby that is!!!!!  We are excited to announce the coming arrival of baby #2 to our family!  I still don't think we can completely believe that we are expecting our second child, but we are beyond excited about this new little miracle! The official due date is November 21.  That is the day before Thanksgiving this year.  It seems that our little family is aiming for birthdays that fall near major holidays.  Remember, Jack was born the day after Christmas. Whenever the new little one arrives will be just fine with us!

Sonogram picture of our baby at about 7 weeks

Baby at 11 weeks 2 days...picture just taken today!

Jack wore his Big Brother shirt to announce to all the family our big news.  He wasn't quite sure what all the excitement was about but he will soon find out - come November.  Jack will be a fabulous big brother! They should be about 23 months apart. Jack was such an easy going, calm baby...lets hope it will go just as smoothly with his new little brother or sister.  I can dream, right?

Our family - the day we found out that our family was growing!
The Lord is SO good and his timing is completely perfect!

The Lawn Man

Well, we got a new lawn man.  The thing is, he likes to "mow" our lawn with his bubble blower.

"How does it look, Mom?"

Hard at work...

Team work - Father and son
It's never to early to start the training process, is it? :-)

Spring Time Fun!

We got out the water table Jack got from Mom-mom and Pepa.  He is in love with it and gets completely soaked every time he plays outside!

Jack also likes getting a little lick of water from his fingers while playing with the water table.  Silly boy!

Learning to climb a step ladder

Trying out the shower for the first time

We gathered at Gatti Town for some pizza and playtime with some of out church friends.  Jack enjoyed walking all over the place trying out the games.  Look out for this crazy 16 month old driver!

Playing outside in the dump truck

Taking a little snooze in the swing.  Is that a picture of relaxation or what?!?!

Trying out the race car stroller at the mall while waiting for our friends to meet us.  Jack sure though he was a big guy!

We went on a shopping day with Tara and Griffin.  The boys got matching sandals!  It was a fun day for the boys to hang out with their cousin.

Easter 2012

Happy Easter!
All ready for Church

He is Risen!

Looking at his Easter goodies!

The boys

Our family of 3 - Easter 2012

Egg Hunts

There were many egg hunts that Jack was able to participate in this year!  I didn't even get pictures of all the different places he hunted.  I think by the end of Easter Jack started to figure out kind of what the goal of the whole egg hunting process was....but not really.  He seemed more interested in picking up leaves or picking flowers over finding the eggs. Silly boy! Something tells me that next year will be a different story and he will be all over the place hunting for Easter eggs.
Egg Hunt at his buddy Zach's house.

 Those eyes seem to be saying, "Can I open it and actually eat the candy?"

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Daddy and Jack

Mommy and Jack

Bluebonnets 2012

Love this sweet 15 month old little boy! Such a great smile!

Mommy and Jack
Jack with GramPam and Pa-Pa