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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Alaska Cruise 2015

In June, we went on a Princess Cruise to Alaska! We went with Barrett's parents to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We are so thankful we had this opportunity to travel with them together as a family and get to see such a beautiful part of the world with our family.
*For whatever reason, these pictures uploaded in a random order.  I'm not going to take the time to re-arrange them since that would take more time than I have right now.  Regardless of the order, you can still get a glimpse of what our week looked like on our cruise.
 Formal dinner in the dining room
We ate dinner in the dining room every night.  It was actually very nice having the same table and waiters every night.
 My handsome man & I
 Family picture on deck.  Nothing but water behind us.
 Whale watching
 Mendanhall Glacier

 This was one of the favorite port stops for the kids.  They loved being able to play on the "beach" area by the glacier and feeling the ice from the glacier that washed up on shore.
 We went for a ride on an old train up into the mountains.
 The views on the train ride were incredible!!!
 Our group on the train
 Standing in front of the big snow plow of one of the old trains
 GramPam & Pa-Pa's cabin door was decorated since they were celebrating their anniversary.

 The kids were watching "Frozen" while we were going through the area surrounded by glaciers.  Seemed appropriate.
 All dressed up and ready for another fancy dinner.

 So thankful for the kids LeapPads!  They were life savers at our long dinners!
 They guys loaded up on escargot. So yummy!
 Amelia had her fair share of desserts on this vacation.  Mostly ice cream.
 We took a tour of the galley - where all the delicious food we had been eating was prepared.
 The head chef and maitre'd
 A big highlight of every elevator ride was watching the bubbles go by.
 We had beautiful weather most everyday of our trip.  We only had a little rain at our stop in Ketchican, but Jack helped keep me dry.
Yes, there are bears in Alaska.  The only one we saw though was this big stuffed bear.
 I told you these pictures were out of order.  Now we are at the beginning of our trip - at the airport ready to board our first plane.
 There is our plane!
 The kids did great on the plane ride!  As long as there were activities and snacks coming out of the bag, they were happy!

 One of our many activities for Amelia - decorating the window with gel stickers.
 A special 50th anniversary cake for Conrad and Pam
 Jack, sound asleep at the dinner table after a busy day on the go!
 Jack loved getting to sleep on the bunk bed and climbing up the ladder to get in there.
 Amelia watching the water over the back of the ship
 Swimming for the boys in Alaska
 Movie on Deck - The Sound of Music

 2 cuties in their fancy clothes
 Whale watching - we saw a big batch of Orca whales, apparently very rare to see on these excursions
 Amelia watching as we zoom by the trees on our train ride.
 Gorgeous views!
 Jack was in love with our cruise!
 Walking through the small town of Skagway, Alaska
 Amelia holding her new bald eagle stuffed animal
Our family of 4
 Jack enjoying the view off our balcony
 All bundled up as we sailed past the glaciers

 Amelia insisted on wearing her Elsa dress and beautiful jewelry to dinner one evening.
 While in Ketchican we went to see the Alaskan Lumberjack show.  Jack is covering up his ears for the loud part of the show when they are using chain saws.
 Lumberjacks racing up the wooden poles.
 They loved the show!
 Jack and the Lumbejacks!
 We had a surprise visit with Santa when we walked into the Christmas store.  What a treat for this boy!
 Amelia watching the float planes take off and land while sitting on our balcony
 Dressed up for another fancy dinner
 Lobster night!
 And of course, more desserts for Amelia. :)
 Playtime at the playground in Victoria, Canada
 Our family with our ship in the background
 Taking a walk around the deck
We loved and enjoyed every second of this trip!  Now that months have passed, Jack still mentions how much he loved going on this cruise and wonders when we will go on another cruise.  So many awesome memories were made!!!

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