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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Day at the Lake House

This past weekend we got to go out to Uncle Scot and Aunt Dina's lake house for a family gathering. What a beautiful and very relaxing time this was! Jack warming up by the fire side
Checkin' out what's going on in the world outside

Jack spent some time sitting in his great grandfather, Papa's lap, just resting and being sung to.

We even took a ride around in the golf cart.

Such a fun and relaxing time - which is what a day at a lake house should be!

Random Cuteness

Such a sweet big smile. Hard to see, but Jack is wearing a shirt I made for him with a tie and vest.
He just couldn't stay awake any longer! He fell sound asleep right in the middle of dinner.

This silly little baby is getting a ride in the laundry bag.

And now he is getting a ride on the dog!

Celina Balloon Festival

A few weeks ago now we were given some tickets to go to the Celina Balloon Festival and ended up having a fun afternoon there. Unfortunately it was a very windy day that day so there were no hot air balloons, but it was still an enjoyable time outdoors.We relaxed and played in the field where a lot of kites were being flown.
Barrett even tried out flying a kite (see him in the distance in the white/gray shirt?)

Have you ever seen such beautiful big blue eyes?

We checked out the careflight type helicoptor.

Jack had his first ride on a carousel with his Daddy.

He liked it!

We went into the petting zoo.

Looks to me like he wants to hold that little chick.

We couldn't leave without Barrett getting a turn on a ride. He tried out "Zero Gravity" (once again in the gray shirt in the center.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10 Months Old

Jack is 10 months old (and has been now for a couple weeks.) We weighs 17 lbs 6 oz (with clothes and diaper on)
He can wear anywhere from size 6-12 month clothes. The other day he was wearing pants and was tripping on them as we was cruising around. I looked and his pants were size 3-6 months. I guess he is still a shorty. He is in size 3 diapers.

Jack has beautiful big blue eyes, 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom, and brown/reddish hair on his head. He started saying Da-da and then a couple days later started saying Ma-ma. Not too sure he really knows what he is saying yet, but we like to think that he does. :-)

Jack loves to pull up and now will cruising around along the furniture.

Jack is also a very fast crawler now! He is always on the go!

He really likes to crawl and play over by Java's cage these days.

As you can see we have had to baby proof the stairway. He loves pulling up on this gate and will just stand there looking all around.

I did find him over at the gate with his play keys in his hands the other day. I think he might be planning to unlock the gate to escape to the upstairs with those keys.

Jack now LOVES to eat! It took a while for him to come around, but he finally has! We basically cut up whatever we are eating for meals and he eats right along with us. I also feed him baby food along with the finger foods since a good portion of the finger foods ends up in his lap instead of his mouth. He loves most everything. He has really cut back on how much milk he drinks. He just doesn't want it as much since he is filling up his tummy with the solid food.

The poor little guy fell asleep while playing.

Jack has been sleeping 9-10 hours through the night. He will normally take a morning and afternoon nap - 1-2 hours each.

Each stage of his life has been so much fun! We love that he is able to interact with us, crawl where he wants to, and has just the sweetest personality! Jack you are a real sweetheart!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jack's 1st Halloween

We took Jack out trick-or-treating for his 1st Halloween. We got him all dressed up in his Jack O' Lantern costume (minus the hat that he now refuses to wear.)

Barrett walked him up to several of the neighbors doors to get candy. The rest of the time Jack rode in his stroller while we just walked around with some of Jack's cousins.

He was asleep before too long. All that trick-or-treating wore him out. Notice on his leg he is on a glow stick. There was an ambulance driving around the neighborhood passing out glow sticks to all the kiddos.

Each year we stop at this one house that hands out grilled hot dogs, chips, and lemonade. What a fun and different idea! No need to even eat dinner before leaving the house to go trick or treating!

Once home, Jack woke up....of course just in time to check out all his candy that he got in his bucket.

He tried really hard to open up some of the packages with his sharp teeth.

The treat he was able to eat was a baby MumMum cracker that he got while trick or treating at Mom-Mom and Pepa's house.

It was a fun first Halloween with our little pumpkin!