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Friday, February 12, 2016

July 2015

 We celebrated the 4th of July by going to GramPam & Pa-Pa's house.  We watched the big fireworks displays on TV which we have really enjoyed doing the last couple years. Works great - the loud fireworks don't scare the kids and we get to stay indoors in the nice air conditioned house!
 Red, white & blue patriotic church clothes
 Jack loves playing in the backyard - digging in the dirt with his little digger trucks :)
 Why not wear your winter hat in the middle of the summer while riding on your swing outside?!
 Barrett got a new tent for his birthday so we figured we'd have a backyard camp out.  Fun evening making smores with the fire pit and all.  We lasted in the tent until 10:30pm or so. Too stinkin' hot out!  Much better rest once indoors, in our soft beds and back in the air conditioning!
 Going for a backyard drive
 We took a trip to Bass Pro Shops with our friend Zachary.  Look out for bears!
 And sharks too!
 Indoor picnic
 So brave! Petting a snake at the pet store.
 We took a weekend trip back to Houston to have a party to celebrate Pam & Conrad's 50th Wedding anniversary with all their friends from over the years.
 Our family
 The Grandkids

Amelia trying to sneak a snack
Since we were already in Houston we decided to take a day trip down to Galveston so we could play in the sand and see the ocean.  We were just on the beach for maybe an hour or so, but it was a perfect amount of time.
Jack hadn't been to the beach since he was 18 months old so this was a real treat and like a new experience for him.
This was Amelia's first trip to the beach - 2 1/2 years old. She loved it!

A big highlight of our month was getting to see a picture of our new baby!!!! This was our first ultrasound picture at 7 weeks. The size of a grain of rice.  This first ultrasound said the baby would be due March 2, 2016
A few weeks later at our next appointment we got to see the baby again - this time the size of a gummy bear.  At this appointment the new due date was the end of February...the 29th - Leap Year Baby! Such an exciting thing to watch this little baby grow!

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