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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby GIRL Shower

This weekend my sister Tara and good friend Stefani threw a baby shower for Amelia and I!  It was so pink and girly!
 The food table
 The PINK Cake. Beautiful!!!!
 Baby girl  carriage napkins

 Each person wrote a prayer or blessing on a cross for Amelia and/or I as a keepsake.
 While at the shower each person tied strips of material onto this wreath that will hang on the hospital room door when Amelia is born, then it will hang in her bedroom. On it, it has her initial "A" and a star where we will write all her birth information (birth date, time, weight, height.)  The final product picture is below.
 Soft pink blankets my mom (Mom-mom) made for Amelia.
 Precious little outfit
 Amelia's first doll!!!
 A beautiful pink and white blanket my mother-in-law (GramPam) knit for Amelia.
 Stef with the Minnie Mouse she gave Amelia.  We have hopes of one day taking our families on a Disney cruise together when the kids are a bit older. Stef is making sure Amelia is prepared!
Grandmother Grandy, my Aunt Joyce & I
 Mother in Law Pam (GramPam) and I.
Sisters -  Hannah, Tara & I
 We are both pregnant with our first girls!  Tara has 5 boys and is expecting her 1st girl and is due 5 weeks after I am due. So much fun to be pregnant together again, and with GIRLS this time!!!!!
Niece Mackenzie,  Sister in Law Melissa & I
 Amelia and I - 29.5 weeks.  Only about 10 weeks to go!
 My Mom (Mom-mom) and I.
The finished product of the door hanger.  Tara came up with this idea all on her own and I LOVE it!!!
I'm so thankful for all the family and friends that were able to come to the shower and help celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby girl! Now it is time to start working on the nursery and get all these fun new gifts organized before Amelia arrives!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Baby Girls Name and 3D Pictures

Our baby girl has a name...
Amelia Joy!
Amelia is a name we just both loved!  Joy is my sister Tara's middle name and also a name we both loved!
This weekend we went and had a 3D/4D sonogram done to see pictures of Amelia at 29 weeks.

 Sweet little girl face
 Possibly sucking her thumb....
In this one you can see her face, hand, and foot.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Pregnancy Pictures

Early on we started taking the weekly pregnancy pictures to show the tummy bump growth.  I think this entire pregnancy so far I have done maybe one post with a picture.  Oops!  So I thought I'd just go ahead now and post how I (or really the baby) have progressed in size over the last few months.

Random Pregnancy Highlights:
* Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks! Only 11 weeks to go....or less if she is anything like her brother and arriving almost 2 weeks early. 
* This Friday I am scheduled to have a 3D/4D sonogram!!! Can't wait to see the sweet little face of my baby girl!!! 
* This pregnancy once again has been very smooth.  My main complaint right now is just being out of breath throughout the day. 
* We painted the room PINK this past weekend and we'll hopefully put the crib together and get it all decorated in the next couple of weeks.
* Jack has no clue what is ahead for him.  We talk about a baby in mommy's tummy but he really has no idea.  The only difference he can tell so far is that it isn't quite as roomy sitting on my lap anymore when we are reading books. We shall see how he reacts once she arrives.  I think he will do ok with the transition (that's what I'm dreaming of at least!)
* I love feeling a real baby move around inside of me! There is nothing like it.  I find myself often times just looking down at my tummy just waiting to see her kick and move.  So fun to be able to feel and see all at the same time.
* I am still having a hard time believing that we are having a girl!
* I continue to be so thankful for this 2nd child the Lord is allowing us to have in our family.  After what seemed like such a long wait to have baby #1, I really didn't know how long the wait would be until baby #2 would come along. But the Lord knew the plan all along and we are thankful for the perfect timing He has for each of our children that join our family.  It is a real honor to have the privilege of being a mommy.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


We have had a fun filled summer at our house.  It has been a pretty hot summer so we have spent a majority of the daytime hours indoors.  The little man would be happy to spend every second outside, its just this preggo momma that can't take more than about 5 minutes at a time out there in the sun and heat.
 We took a couple trips to Houston to visit the grandparents this summer.  Jack likes to play with their (ceramic) dog named "Spot."
 Checking out all the lemons on their lemon tree with Pa-Pa.
 Happy after a yummy dinner that GramPam made.
 Story time! Jack loves Dr. Seuss books right now.  He likes to have them read to him over and over each day!
 The grandparents brought back this soft little stuffed lamb for Jack from their vacation this summer.  He loves it and gives it lots of hugs and kisses.
 Hangin' out with Dad
 All dressed up and ready for church
 We took a day trip while in Houston to the Bluebell ice cream factory. Yum!

 Jack is all set for his ice cream!
Barrett with his parents eating their ice cream.
 Back at home now....we went to dress like a cow day at chick fil a.  If you dress up like a cow you got a free combo meal. We got all dressed up and enjoyed our free food.  Barrett needed to make a quick stop at walmart on the way home and went into the store with his cow shirt and hat on!  Silly boy! Glad I was staying in the car while he ran into the store. :-)
 We spent some time at the pool this summer,
 and the splash park with shooting fountains.
 Jack loves playing in the water!
 After playing in the fountains we had our picnic lunch with our church friends.
Reading a book with Pepa - once again his Dr. Seuss book.
 Barrett and I had our first getaway night without Jack this summer.  Figured we better do this soon before the baby girl arrives.  We went to see a movie in 3-D (that's why we are wearing these silly glasses)
 We stayed at a local hotel, just 20 minutes or so away from home, but it was a perfect getaway.
 We went out for a nice dinner at Pappadeaux's and had such a relaxing time!
 Back at chick-fil-a again, this time to show our support for this wonderful restaurant. Is Jack the only one that likes to eat his nuggets and french fries with a fork?
 We went to a play group with our church friends.  It was a paint and water play party.  The kids went outside and painted picture frames and flower pots then immediately went to play in the water (and get all that paint cleaned off while playing.) It was a great idea and so much fun for the kids!
 Jack spent lots of time playing at his water table in our backyard. His favorite thing to do at the water table is to put his hand in the water then put his hand in his mouth to taste the water.  His sippy cup of water can be in his other hand but he still would prefer the water table water instead. Whatever makes you happy buddy! 
 Standing on the stool (with mommy there to catch him right behind him) watching daddy fillet his catfish he has been catching all summer.
 At the bookstore playing with the train set.
 These pictures are jumping around some but here is our group of friends and neighbors that entered our neighborhoods annual 4th of July Parade. We each pushed a stroller, 3 of which had real kids in them and 3 that had pretend creatures in them. Each stroller was decked out in red, white, and blue along with an airplane attached to the front flying ahead of the stroller.  We even tried out best as we marched down the street to "fly" in formation.  The formation part didn't work out too well, but that didn't keep us from winning 1st place (for the 2nd year in a row I might add!)
 Jack in his patriotic stroller
 Our family (with the extra pretend creature in the stroller I am pushing)
 Jack finally made his switch over to his big boy car seat this summer.  He finally surpassed the 30" height limit for his infant car seat this summer at around 1 1/2 years old.
With all the catfish Barrett (and other family members) has caught this summer, we had a fish fry!  Barrett got this new fish fryer and made some delicious fried catfish!
Jack had his first taste of corn on the cob this summer.  Normally I cut the corn off the cob for him.  This night he had seen the cob of corn on our plates and was pointing to it wanting to give it a try.  He LOVED it!!!!
He even clapped his hands.  That's how you know he is very happy!
He looks pretty satisfied with his corn eating abilities to me!

We also had some sickness this summer.  This particular day Jack was sick with a fever.  I had planned to do a big day of cooking in the kitchen this day.  Jack joined me on this made up couch in the kitchen.  He just relaxed, ate his snacks, and watched some TV while I cooked.  So cute!
The boys worked together to give mommy's car a car wash.
He liked spraying the hose...
...and getting a little taste at times too.
Popcorn and movie night at home.
On one of our trips down to Houston, GramPam and Pa-Pa gave him this little toy car.  Right when he opened it he tried to sit on it!  He thought it was a car to ride on.  Sorry buddy, but you are a bit bigger than you think!
Jello painting in the highchair - feels squishy and tastes good!

Mowing...inside the house...with a bubble mower and an orange balloon.  Maybe if we put a balloon on daddy's real lawn mower for him it will make mowing a little more exciting. :-)

Quite often this is how you will find Jack after a meal...asleep in his high chair.  He must have one comfortable high chair to fall asleep so well.

This was Barrett's best fishing day yet! 14 catfish caught is about 3 hours! He had a busy night of filleting ahead of him.
But look how excited he was about it! That is my fisherman!!!!
Another night he took 2 of the nieces out fishing.  Madi caught this big fish all by herself!
Checking out the fish!
Snack time for the boys!
We have had a fun summer!