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Thursday, February 18, 2016

November Memories 2015

 A visit with the great grandfather, Papa
 Amelia and Jack would go to the doctor with mommy to check on our new baby on some visits.  So thankful for the little TV's in each room to keep the kids entertained while we wait!
 We had a couple days where we went to Tara's house for Thanksgiving school lessons and activities with our cousins.  Lunch break = Happy Meals!
 Dylan entertained us at calendar time with his puppet friend.
 Coloring their Thanksgiving books about the Pilgrims and Indians
 Building Log cabins with Lincoln Logs just like the Pilgrims did.
 Jack the Indian with his homemade vest and headdress
Thanksgiving Feast
 Turkey (lunch meat), Potatoes (French Fries), Corn (Popcorn), Cranberries (Crasins),  Rolls & Pumpkin (Pumpkin Delights) - Perfect Feast for a bunch of little people
 Amelia the Pilgrim
 They each made their own place mat to go with their feast too.

Amelia's favorite book right now - Little Mommy. We read it EVERY NIGHT!
Jack had his Choir concert at church.  SO proud of this boy!
Amelia got a new doll carrier for her baby dolls. She will be set to be just like a little mommy once her baby sister arrives.
 Trying on the outfit I made for her for her 3rd birthday party
 The princess holding one of Mom-Mom's bunnies named Apple Blossom
 Jack and Thumper
 One of our favorite treats to get when we go to Costco is a fruit smoothie!
 Due to a busy couple days after thanksgiving, we bought our Christmas tree right before Thanksgiving just to make sure we had it to put up as soon as Christmas was over!
 They found the perfect tree!
 Our family - Christmas Tree Picking - 2015
 Watching Daddy tie the tree to the top of the van
 Time to start cooking for Thanksgiving! The boys made their specialty...Cranberry sauce.
 We hosted Thanksgiving at our house again this year.  There were tables everywhere.  They turned into nice forts for the kids too. :)
 The turkey is cooked! Barrett always does the best job cooking and de-boning ours each year.
 Wishbone time
 Kids table

 Thanksgiving evening after the guests left, we brought the tree in from the garage and started decorating.

 All done!
 The next day we went to GramPam & Pa-Pa's house to do some baking for our next Thanksgiving celebration.  Amelia got covered in flour while rolling out the pie crust.
 Jack and GramPam making gingerbread
 Stiring up the "pink stuff"
 We took a trip to the Galleria to see the big Christmas tree

 Aunt Tara got Amelia a new jewelry set while shopping around the mall.  It was so funny to watch Amelia and how proud she was to wear that new jewelry.
 Jack the clown
 Laundry helpers
 Sound asleep in the shopping cart together on another trip to Costco
 Dinner at Red Lobster
 Fall Fishing Tournament.  I love their fun hats!
 Amelia the fisher girl
 The fishing boys
 The kids won big prizes for participating! Jack won a scooter and Amelia won a $50 Toys R Us gift card.  Fun surprises!!
Barrett won first place (in the smallest fish category). Ha! Out of all the different trophies he has won over the years, this is by far the biggest trophy he has received.  Odd considering the category. Still exciting though. :)

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