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Friday, February 12, 2016

August Fun - 2015

 Pregnancy Announcement for baby #3!

 Building Project at Home Depot Saturday Morning
 Sweet snuggles on Mama's lap - with baby doll and purse of course!
 My helper while going grocery shopping
 Jack got a new big boy bed
 First nights sleep.  He loves it!
 Pizza lunch at Costco
 Another picture of our new little one - now the size of a shelled peanut :)
 Dinner at the Bears Den in Pilot Point.  Always a yummy treat to eat pizza there and see the bears eat their dinner too!
 Hannah came too since she was in town for a visit
 The kids always love playing on the playground while there.
 School project - parts of a tree
 All dressed up in butterfly wings for playing outside. Love this girl!
 Zoo trip - elephant rides

 Helping Daddy wash the car
 Of course it makes it more fun when you get to spray your sister :)
 Riding in Daddy's jeep for an evening trip to Sonic

Fries for Jack and milkshakes for the rest of us!

Letter pancakes - A is for Amelia, J is for Jack
We took a trip to Little Elm Beach.  What a great place and so close to home.

Painting rainbow fish with celery
A house full of princesses - Lorelei, Amelia & Bridgette
Playtime at the fountains in Fairview
He looks excited to be there to me!

Lunch afterwards at Whataburger - great food and a visit with Pepa.
I love spending my days with these precious little ones.

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