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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All Summer Long

We have been having a fun summer at home with our 2 little ones.  Here is a conglomeration of phone pictures from throughout the summer.
While talking on the phone to GramPam and Pa-Pa, Jack decided it was time for a little snooze.
The choir had a big party at the beginning of the summer.  It was a western theme so Barrett got to wear his cowboy boots & big belt buckle.  No western clothes in this girls closet though.  But it was a fun time anyway.
Love this cutie!
We took a trip to starbucks with some of the cousins and sat outside on the patio then went to play at the playground across the street.
We enjoyed going to the weekly summer kid movies at the movie theater each week.  Ledger went with us many weeks.
A view into the back seat of the car....Jack and Amelia holding hands.
While in Houston, GramPam took Jack for a ride on the carousel.  He LOVED it...until it was time to get off.  
There is that waving cat going for a ride on the fire truck.  He is playing with it like its some sort of action figure!
We grew tomatoes this summer in a topsy turvy in the backyard.  So far we have grown 5 tomatoes! They make a yummy topping for pizza, which we used them for.  We also have a zucchini plant.  Some of them have started to grow but haven't made it to the picking stage.
7/11 was free slurpee day at 7-11.  Yum!
We dressed up as cows for 'Dress Like a Cow Day' at chick-fil-a and got free meals!  Jack loves this hat.  He looked at himself in the mirror and said, "Cowboy!"
The 2 cowboys!
We had one trip to the doctor this summer for a sick boy.  Jack ended up needing breathing treatments.  Here he is having a breathing treatment while eating a lollipop while in the doctors office while Amelia is working on eating her sewing card.
Saturday morning donuts!!!
Mom-mom has the magic touch.  She can always get Amelia to fall asleep while she is holding her.
Swinging time for Amelia
Say cheese! Love that cheesy smile!
Daddy and the kiddos
He wants to be just like Daddy.
Bowling with Dad
Our whole family was actually together all at one time this summer for one evening - my parents and all 6 siblings.  We went out for dinner at Cristinas.
All 6 kids in age order - Tara, Jeremy, Tanya (Me), Aaron, Alex, Hannah.
Our little family of 4.  How did I end up with such cuties?!?!
Barrett and I had a night away all by ourselves with no kids.  Doesn't this look like a picture of peace and quiet? We went all the way to a destination about 20 minutes away from home - Frisco! But it was perfect!
We went and had a one hour couples massage done (fabulous!), went shopping (without little people determining how long we were in a store), had a delicious dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and stayed the night at the Westin Stonebriar where we slept in until 9am! What a treat!
Our slice of Oreo cheesecake
Jack and Zach playing on the seesaw at the playground during a neighborhood picnic.
We took a trip to the Addison Airport and sat in the back of our car to watch the airplanes land and take off.  Don't you know Jack loved this!  He had a very serious look on his face most of the time.  He really studied those planes and enjoyed every a serious sort of way.
Watching the airplanes

Daddy and Amelia
Amelia's first night sleeping in her crib upstairs (a view from the video monitor)
Mom-mom went with us many weeks to the kid movies at the movie theater. If you go to a movie with Mom-mom you can always count on getting a big bucket of popcorn too!  Jack sure loved having her with us each week...and I did too.  Sure makes going to a movie with 2 kids a lot easier!
Naptime for Amelia on a wagon ride with Daddy.
Playtime with Amelia & Eliana
Fishing - Jack has really gotten into fishing with Daddy this season.  He likes to 'cast' and he is actually very good at reeling in the hook.  As he reels in the line he says, "I got one!"
Jack picked out this shirt from his drawer to wear.  When he saw it he said, "Daddy's shirt" because Daddy has one that looks just like this.
Yes, its summer and I am preparing Amelia's thanksgiving wardrobe.  On our last Tuesday night sewing night Tara and I made these turkey bows for the girls. Love!
I took Jack to the Bluebell warehouse in Lewisville last week.  KLTY was having a remote there.  We got free ice cream and we got to walk into the GIANT freezer (20 degrees below zero. Brrr!) full of bluebell ice cream. 

More fishing
Cousins Preston & Mackenzie moved to a new house last weekend. We delivered pizzas on moving day and had a picnic in the new house.
Who knew you could have so much fun with a diaper box?!
We got to get dressed up and go to a wedding of a childhood friend of Barrett's. It was a beautiful wedding!
Playtime in Daddy's Jeep!
Loving these memories!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013


Jack is obsessed with airplanes and helicopters right now!  Every airplane he sees in the sky he points out and says, "airplane! airplane!"  One weekend Lowes was having a time for kids to come and build wooden airplanes.  We didn't make it to the actual event but Jack's buddy Ledger picked up an airplane kit (and a cute lowes apron) for Jack. What a treat!  That afternoon Barrett & Jack got to work building the airplane.

 All done!
Here he is testing out the airplane and making 'airplane noises'.
Such a fun project these 2 could do together! It has been a favorite toy this week.  Looking forward to many more projects that these guys can build together.