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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oliver's 1st Birthday

Oliver turned 1 this past week. We went to his cute birthday party on Saturday.
Happy 1st Birthday, Oliver!
Uncle Barrett & Princess Tanya
Oliver tried on his new pajamas that we gave him for his birthday. He is all cozy with his new PJ's and his favorite little blanket.

Ollie wore his birthday boy outfit with a prince crown. So cute!!!
Wow...I had never seen such a cake for a little guys first birthday. It was like the size of a wedding cake. Oh, so beautiful!!! I am convinced that I will one day learn how to make cakes like this with the fondant icing.

Tara got real creative here. She made her own birthday banner decoration using pictures of Oliver. How creative. Very impressive, Tara! I loved that idea. That will be a great keepsake. I look forward to seeing this hanging up on Ollie's 18th birthday :-)

Oliver invited one of his neighbor friends to join in the celebration.

Opening presents
Having the first taste of his frosting on his little cup cake.

Yum, yum! He really enjoyed every bite.
All warn out and covered in cake.
Dylan had fun playing in Oliver's new birthday toy.

Well, all that sugar from that big cake finally kicked in.
It was a fun party!