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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
 We got all dressed up in our green and went to visit the residents of an Assisted Living Home.  We had a time of learning about the history of what St. Patrick's day is, sang songs, did activities, had a parade through the building, and passed out cards and candy to the residents.
 Jack listening to the lesson.
Here is Jack with some of the friends we served with while visiting the "Grandmas and Grandpas" 
Jack wore his green tie to church on Sunday (and as you can see fell asleep on the ride home.)
I went out for a pedicure with Tara.  We both ended up being festive and getting our toes painted green.
 The night of St. Patty's day we went over to Tara & Jacob's house for a yummy dinner of shepherds pie...along with other green treats.
Jack the leprechaun
 Eliana and Amelia in their mini leprechaun hats
 Jack was so excited to have a shamrock cookie with his name on it!
Not sure what makes dressing in green and eating all this green food so much fun, but it is!

Big Boy Bed

It was beyond time to turn Jack's crib into a big boy bed, so this past weekend we made the change.  He has always been a great sleeper and I never wanted to  mess with that, but it was time at 3+ years old.
 One last picture of Jack with his crib.
 The big boy in his big boy bed.
Jack LOVES it!  He loves that he can sit on the side of his bed with his legs dangling over the edge.  So far he has done awesome!  He stays in his bed and calls for us when he wakes up (per our instructions to him) and so far he hasn't fallen out of the bed.  A time or two I've gone in to get him in the morning and he will tell me "more night night."  He just loves being in his bed which is a real blessing!
Sweet dreams big boy!

Hair Cut for Jack

Jack was in desperate need of a haircut.  The lady that normally cuts his hair was out of town so I decided to give cutting his hair a try.
 After refreshing for me to look at and for Jack to feel too, I'm sure.

A Collage of our Daily Life

 Best Buddies.
I love it. These days when Jack is talking to Amelia, he will say things in a sweet gentle voice to her like, "Hi Buddy." "What's wrong Buddy?"
 Going for a tricycle ride.
 Trying to keep up with brother.
 Jack went on a train ride at the mall with friends.
 Silly kids in the bath tub. :-)
 Playtime at the indoor bounce house place with our friends Cora & Claire.
 Making a dinner delivery in the wagon to a family with sick kiddos.
 Snack time with our friend Zach.
 While on a walk to the donut store we had to take a short break to observe the construction trucks.
 While playing in the dirt in the backyard, Jack came across this treasure...a worm.
 With so many teeth it was about time for Amelia's first piece of corn on the cob.  It was a winner! She loved it!
 Hugs for brother.
My little brother Alex got engaged!
 Amazingly, his proposal video made it as the top video on Yahoo this last week! So cool!
 My big cooking helper. His job was to spread the melted butter on our blackened catfish.
 Amelia LOVES baby dolls!  I found her the other day putting her baby into her own infant car seat and covering it with a blanket.  She is a little mama!
 Can you tell Jack has a little sister?  So many treasures to hold for her while driving in the car... 2 dolls and a purse.  At least he had his hot wheels car with him. 
 Playtime in the waiting room while waiting at the doctors office for Amelia's 15 month check-up.
 We didn't know that while at her appointment Jack would end up needing to have blood drawn.  He was going to have his height checked and due to not growing as much as they would have liked they drew some blood to try and determine the cause of his slow growth.  He is still being monitored for now.  Jack didn't like the process (and having to get pocked 3 times) but in the end he was super proud of all 3 of his bandaids! That is one brave boy!
 Enjoying the beautiful weather on a nice walk.

 Crazy bath hair!
 Dinner with Jack and Superman (Zachary)
 Pizza picnic on the front porch
 Sleeping beauty
 Check out all that hair blowing in the wind!
 Playing at the new park

 What do you do when there are enough swings for everyone?  Double up and ride together!
 A highlight of Jack and Amelia's days...brushing their teeth.
 Jack's first attempt at rock climbing.
 Taco Tuesday at Rosa's with our friends after playtime at the park.
 Painting with water on the back patio
 Amelia thinks its more fun to just splash and play with the water.
Ice Cream with Mom-mom
 For whatever reason, Jack is always asking if we can stop for gas.  Not sure what the attraction is for the gas station.  This last trip to fill up, we let Jack actually get out of the car and watch the whole filling up the car with gas process.  It was like taking him to some awesome museum.  He loved it! Whatever makes you happy....
 Lunch with Grace.  I love it that recently when we go out with friends, Jack can now sit over at the "kids" table.  
Today we had our first trial run of "school" with our friend Grace. Grace came over to our house for a couple hours today and we did school together.  I planned out the activities this week then one day next week we will go over to Grace's house for "school" and her mom will plan out the activities.  It was something fun to try out and made for a great day of learning!