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How Old Is Amelia?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Picture Overload

These are all completely random pictures. Not sure how to sort and catch-up on my posts in the amount of time I have to sit down, so here they are all mixed together!
 We went out for a yummy dinner at Cracker Barrel a few weeks ago.  Both kids did fabulous!  Jack loved trying out this mini rocking chair that was just his size.  This sure would look cute on our front porch next to our 2 big white rockers!
 We snuck into choir practice with Amelia a few times so far.  Looks like she is really into the music here!

 Even when mad, she is a cutie!
 Amelia's first girls night out to Starbucks with Mommy, Aunt Tara, and little cousin Eliana.

 Back to choir practice. She sure turned some heads this evening.  She loved looking at the sheet of music (I think she liked the black and white) and was doing a lot of singing/cooing while there!
 I think we have ourselves a singer!
 I was amazed how similar these 2 sleepy heads looked when getting them out of the car the other day.  This particular day while getting Jack buckled into his car seat he was not very willingly sitting down.  He kept reaching over towards Amelia.  Ends up he just wanted to hold her hand. So sweet! After arriving home and going to get him out of his seat I found him sound asleep with Amelia's pacifier in his hand.
 Opening Valentine's Day cards from GramPam & Pa-Pa

 My Valentine's  with a box of chocolates for each of them.
I think he likes it!
 Love these curls!  We keep debating back and forth whether or not to give him a haircut but we can't bring ourselves to cut off such cuteness yet!
 Jack loves to brush his teeth each day but his favorite part of the process is getting a drink of water out of his little mini cup.
 Amelia is beginning to actually play with her little doll.
 Jack sure is a proud big brother!
 All dressed up in her cupcake outfit (thanks Ms. Annalene)
 Eating dessert...Jacks favorite food group!
 The boys working on a project together - fixing the toilet
Wearing Daddy's shoes
Someday they will fit you little guy.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amelia's 1st Valentine's Day!

Today is Amelia's 1st Valentine's Day!  She spent the day playing dress up trying to find the perfect outfit for the day!

 First she tried on this "My 1st Valentine's Day" shirt that Jack also wore on his 1st Valentine's Day. 

 Next was the pink heart dress that I made for her.

Last was this precious outfit with the tutu. 
There are still several hours left in the day though.  This may or may not be the last outfit of the day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bath Time Buddies

With some tag teaming we were able to give Amelia her bath and Jack his shower at the same time.  Both these kiddos love to be in the warm water!
 2 months old
 2 years old
All clean and snuggled up warm in their towels!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Amelia is 2 Months Old

Amelia Joy turned 2 months old on January 26th.
Weight: 11 lbs
Length: 22 inches
Diapers: size 1
Clothes: mostly 0-3 months, some 3-6 month

Sleeping and eating: Amelia will sleep about a 9 hour stretch at night and nap on and off throughout the day. No real set nap times yet.  She nurses every 3 or so hours or when given a bottle will drink around 4 ounces. 
Amelia is such a sweet, content, and happy baby! She likes to be held when awake. She likes to see what is going on around her so is often being held facing out.  She has a very strong head and just enjoys looking around watching what is going on and is always keeping watch at what big brother is doing.  She rolled over from tummy to back this month at 5 weeks old.  Amelia started laughing at 8 weeks old when we would tickle her.  She loves to be talked to and will smile, coo, and talk back in the most precious little voice.

The Big Brother

Jack has been a fantastic big brother to Amelia and is in love with her!
Jack is now 25 months old. 
Each week I take Amelia's weekly picture on the couch.  Whenever Jack sees me taking her picture, he hops up on the couch, puts his arm around Amelia, and is ready to have his picture taken too!
 We took a family trip to the big playground the other day.  Jack (and Daddy) really loved it!
 Amelia just chilled out in the stroller and took her nap.

 Taking a walk around the pond.
 All dressed for church
 This is a new thing that Jack loves to do...going into our closet and wearing our big shoes around the house, even mommy's high heals  - at least he is getting some use out of them since I never wear them! :-)
 I love these crazy curls on this sweet boys head!

 Jack decided to try to help change the baby's diaper the other day.  Such a good helper!
Jack graduated to always sitting at the booster seat at the big table instead of his high chair.  He loves it!