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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Honey Factory

We were invited to go to the dedication of the brand new Nature Nate's Honey Factory.  If you haven't tried Nature Nate's Honey, get some! Its delicious and comes from a wonderful company! It's all 100% pure, raw & unfiltered honey made by American bees.
All these barrels are filled with honey.
 Inside the factory - Here is Jack with his cousins Preston and Mackenzie.
 One of the conveyor belts. 
 Next, we went on a hayride.  Amelia sat on Uncle Brantley's lap.
 Jack loved the hayride!
 They had a beautiful set up outside for a nice meal.
 We sat on the couches made out of bales of hay.
 They asked each person to write their favorite bible verse on a big rock that was then used to line the walk way up to the building.  Such a neat idea and a great thing for people to see as they go into Nature Nate's.
I'd have to say that Preston's favorite part of the whole event was the hayride. While the rest of us ate dinner and chatted with each other, Preston pretty much went on one continuous ride on the hayride - back and fourth from the picnic area to the parking lot.
Jack and the big orange honey van
Printed on each bottle of honey, you will find this verse: 
"Thy Word is sweeter than honey." Psalm 119:103

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Festival & Other Fall Activities

Our neighborhood had their fall festival this past weekend.  We got the kids dressed up in their costumes and went to have some fun!
 Daddy and the kiddos checking out the fire engine
 Jack was so excited to see the fire truck (and talked about it for the next couple days)!
 Jack dressed as an airplane this year.
 Amelia dressed as a pumpkin in a tutu - the perfect 1st Halloween costume.
 Jack decorated a pumpkin with stickers and markers.
 The end result - pretty cute!
 For dinner they passed out pizza and hot dogs.
 Resting after walking in the costume contest parade.
 Another favorite part for Jack...the basketball man on stilts.
 Last night we went to Krogers Kids Night Out.  Kids could come dressed up and then play games and get candy.  Amelia hung out in the shopping cart and watched all the fun.
 Nurf gun game
 Bow & Arrow
 Cake walk (and win a Little Debbies snack)
 And here is the proof that he enjoyed his time doing some pre trick-or-treating...a smiling chocolate covered face in the car on the ride home.
 Last night we also went out on the front porch to carve our pumpkin.  The boys carved...
 ...and the girls sat on the swing.  Unfortunately by this point Amelia wasn't feeling very well with a low grade fever, poor thing.
 Team work

 Pretending to eat the pumpkin guts!
 Awake now and joining in the fun.
 The finished product
Another successful year of Jack-O-Lantern carving.
To end off the evening we watched the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin movie.

The Last Couple Months in Phone Pictures...

 We took a trip to have "Pepa hamburger fries" as Jack likes to say.
 Amelia's first visit to a splash pad in a friends neighborhood
 Playing at the big Prosper playground
 The first cooler evening we had here we took a walk with Mom-mom and Pepa to the local Subway for dinner.  So fun that we are getting more things close by to be able to walk to.
 Jack's hair cut
 Jack's favorite thing to look at when we go to costco is this Christmas music box with dancing figurines.  With that price tag I think we will just be visiting it at the store.
 Jack went to his first building day at Home Depot.  He got this cute little orange apron and built this airplane.
 We went with his buddy Zach.
 Swing time at the park
 We had a fall get together at Griffins house.  So silly to me that Jack is at the big boy table.  Yes, he is almost 3 years old, but it is still hard for me to believe that he is that big!
 4 generations
 Eliana & Amelia
 We went to McKinney trade days. It was the perfect fall day to do some shopping outdoors.
 Early one Saturday morning we went to the Hemophilia Walk in support of 2 of my brothers, Aaron and Alex with Hemophilia.  Amelia was a real sport and stayed all bundled up in the stroller...until the walk began then I carried her for about 2 miles straight.
 Me and my hubby!
 Jack enjoyed eating snacks at the race.  Can you tell with that messy face?
 Me and my walking buddy.
 Jack and Zach had a movie night at our house. We got pizza, ate popcorn, and watched Toy Story.
 This girl still loves the outdoors!
 Check out these shades! He is stylin' during this wagon ride.
 Throwing pinecone balls into the water...his favorite part of our walks.
 This is what I call pinecone balls (not really sure what they are but he loves them.)
 Jack also loves throwing leaves into this little stream then watching them float away.  His whole body gets into throwing things (as you can tell in this picture).
And Amelia is such a sport and just goes along for the ride and stays as happy as can be.