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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Celebrating Fall - October 2015

 After all that hard work, the tree house is done! Time for a picnic.
 Pumpkin decorating at Calloway's

 Amelia's first real drawing of a person.  I love all the detail!
 First attempt at making sandwiches by themselves
 Looks like the sandwich turned out well. Time for another picnic outside.
 Pretty pained nails - so proud!
 I had my first experience with a freezer meal swap.  It was great! Each of us made 4 of the same meals then traded so we each went home with 4 different meals to freeze and eat as needed. I made stuffed shells.
 We met at Braums, ate ice cream, and traded our dinners.
 Check out all that hard work! So nice having meals all ready to go. We each went home with stuffed shells, chicken pot pie, enchiladas & baked ziti. Can't wait to try that again sometime.
 Nature scavenger hunt.  Using clipboards always makes an activity more exciting. :)
 When I asked Amelia what she wanted to be for Halloween she said "Candy." I wasn't quite sure what to make of that request.  This was the end result.
 Egg Nog is here!
 The new fall outfit mommy made me - skirt, scarf & headband
 Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

 It's a GIRL! We are having a little SISTER!!!
 Happy Halloween cards came in the mail from GramPam & Pa-Pa.  It's always fun to get mail.
 A trip to the zoo

 A new niece & cousin was born this month - Aurora Rose
 Spiderman Jack trying on his Halloween Costume.  I don't think any kid has ever gotten so much use out of their Halloween costume as this boy has.  He pretty much wanted to wear it everyday!

 Making Halloween cookies - peanut butter style

 We went to our neighborhood playgroups Halloween party.  We brought spider PB&J sandwiches. Cute!
 Enjoying some sun and their party treats
 We visited the "grandma's & grandpa's" at the assisted living home with some of our friends.  We had a parade showing the residents our costumes, sang songs, and gave them a jack-o-lantern orange treat.
 Family Day at Daddy's work - food, games, activities, trick or treating, music. Lots of fun!
 The kids had charicature pictures made of them in their costumes.  So cute how they turned out!
 Pumpkin carving on the front porch

 Ready to trunk or treat at the elementary school
 Our annual Halloween dinner is hotdogs with chili and cheese :)
 Baby girls Halloween costume :)
 As always, the lines to trick or treat in our neighborhood can get long! But its such a fun place to go door to door and visit all our neighbors.
 Trick or Treat from Spiderman Jack and Candy Girl Amelia
 Our family - Halloween 2015
End result - Candy to last us forever!

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