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Thursday, February 11, 2016

May 2015

Soooo....where have we been for the past many, many, months.  Not sure!  But its time to play catch up on what we have been doing.  So as I can I will post monthly updates for all the months I have missed since my last post (almost a year ago. Oops!)
 Visiting mommy's old friend Amy.  Loved getting to watch the chickens roaming around her property,
 playing on her big swing set and looking at the pond (in the background of this pic.)
 Look who caught a fish while fishing in our neighborhood?!
 Daddy caught one too.
 A trip to the zoo with our friends Grace, Noah & Jonah
 Watching the new baby giraffe
 Mothers Day 2015
 Trying out our new backpack carrier on a walk
 Playtime outside with water beads and plastic sea creatures
One of many bike rides in the beautiful cool weather - Amelia in the bike trailer and Jack riding his own big boy bike.
 There was lots of rain this spring.  We took a trip to the playground on a dry day and this is what covered in mud.
 At church this particular day, Jack had heard the bible story about Jesus washing the disciples feet.  He was so eager to come home and was Amelia's feet - along with Mommy and Daddy's.
 Amelia wanted to give it a try too.  So thankful for all that he is soaking up at church and his eagerness to put it into practice at home.
 Bowling with Jack's buddies Cody and Mason - thank you
 Playing in our new backyard playhouse - thank you neighbor friend for passing it on to us!
 An ice cream treat! There is nothing this fancy girl likes better than a bowl full of ice cream!
 This cowboy thinks he is an ice cream lover but oddly enough never eats it all.  He is more of a french fry lover.
 Celebrating Daddy's birthday
 A visit to Grandy's house.  I love that she is drinking from the same cup that I would drink from when I'd visit her house as a kid.
 An evening family visit to the swings
Singing along at the hymn sing at church.  These 2 love music!

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