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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!For Jack's 1st Halloween he is a "Jack" O Lantern. (Well, last year when Jack was in my tummy I guess we both dressed as a Jack o Lantern.)

This weekend our Sunday school class had a Halloween party. All the little ones came dressed in their costumes. Can you find Jack?

While there the Dad's carved pumpkins.

Barrett carved the picture of the dog on the right.

Barrett, Jack, and the pumpkin

Jack dressed in his orange for church this weekend. He refused to look at the camera for a picture. He wanted to try and eat the flowers instead.

Our Family - October 2011

Me with my little pumpkin baby

Ghost footprint project with Jack's footprint at 10 months old.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Go Cowboys!

Jack spent Sunday watching the Games (Cowboys and Rangers) with his Daddy! Yay, both of them won! We don't have a Rangers shirt (yet) but Jack did put on his Cowboys shirt for the big day. Way to show team spirit, Jack!

(Don't you just love that one little curl on the top of his head?!)

Jack's 1st Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we took Jack out for his 1st trip to a pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful day outside - a little on the warmer side, but not bad at all! Jack was a little fussy and didn't really want to pose for pictures, but we were able to get a few cute ones with him smiling. Jack's First Pumpkin Patch
On a hayride with Daddy

Sitting on pumpkins with the cast of Charlie Brown

That is one big pumpkin!

Surrounded by pumpkins!

There is a big smile!

A train ride

In the distance is the train. Barrett and Jack are on the blue car, third from the back.

How tall is Jack? Oops, he is standing in front of the numbers, but he is just over 2 feet tall.

2 little pumpkins in the little red wagon.

This is what he did most of the time when we would put him on the ground to take a with the grass.

Fall Projects

Thanks to Pinterest, I found some cute fall projects that I made this week. Trick or Treat pillows
Burlap Pumpkin Wall Hanger (I hung this on our entry door coming in from the garage.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Treasure

At the McKinney Trade Days there are many different types of products for sale - many small businesses, antiques, crafty things, then also booths that look more like garage sale items with just random things. While we were at the trade days this weekend we were walking by a booth that was more like a garage sale type booth. I glance over and what do I see? Just the thing I have been dreaming of having for YEARS! Here is the story. Every year growing up and now as a married lady we go to the state fair. And every year I look forward to getting to see the Vitamix (awesome very powerful blender) demonstration where they make ice cream, smoothies, fresh juice, peanut butter, hot soups, and much more all within a matter of seconds/minutes with the wonderful vitamix. Problem is, this machine costs about $500. No matter how wonderful it seems, we just couldn't bring ourselves to spend that much on a blender. So this weekend at the trade days I look over and what do I see sitting among a bunch of other junk? You guessed it.....A Vitamix!!!! I leave the stroller with Barrett and run over to look at the price tag....are you ready for this......$50!!!!!!! Immediately I ask the seller if this thing really works. He plugged it in for us right there showing us that it really did work. And the crazy thing is it has been sitting in this mans garage for years. Some relative had given it to him, he never used it, and now is selling this basically brand new $500 item for $50! I still can't believe it! This had been what I was hoping for -that someone would be selling one really cheap at a garage sale not really knowing how wonderful of a machine it was! Can you tell I'm super excited about this?! Here is my new treasure!

We have had this thing for less than 2 days so far and I have made a smoothie, fresh juice, frappuccino, and coming up tonight will be hot tortilla soup in just 6 minutes!

I love my new toy!!!

Fun Day

This past Sunday we took the short drive over to the McKinney Trade Days. Jack has had a cough this week and we couldn't put him in the nursery at church so we figured we would spend the day outdoors for some fresh air and shopping. It doesn't look like we will be making it to the State Fair this year, so this was a good alternative. We still were able to get our giant turkey leg and tornado taters.
Jack was a good little shopping buddy and enjoyed spending the day outside.
And now for the big news!!!! I found a treasure while shopping at the trade days! I have been dreaming of having one of these wonderful gadgets for YEARS and beg for one each year around the time we go to the state fair and see it being demonstrated there. Amazingly enough, my dream has finally come true! Stay tuned for my next post on what my WONDERFUL treasure is that we found and bought for a FANTASTIC deal!!!!

Fall Fest

Our neighborhood had its annual fall fest this past weekend. It was so much fun going this year with our very own little baby! We had planned to take him in his Halloween costume, but with it being near 90 degrees outside, it was just too warm with his fleece costume. Instead he just wore his t-shirt that said. "I love my Mummy." Hopefully it will be cooler by Halloween so he can actually wear his real costume! We went on a hay ride.
Jack got his very own baby pumpkin. He rode around in his stroller holding on to the stem of it for quite some time.

He (along with his buddy Zach) got to check out the inside of the fire truck. They don't look too sure about it.

Jack, Barrett, and the fire truck

And a fall fest wouldn't be complete without some cotton candy! Yum!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Boutique

A couple months back my friend Rachel from college had an idea that we sign up to have a booth at a craft fair and sell some baby things that we make. Of course I thought this sounded like a fun idea since I love to sew and do crafty things. We both started looking online for a craft fair and ended up finding one that was just 2 1/2 months away. So immediately the sewing began! Any nap time or late evening that was available suddenly became sewing time. (This is one reason I have been so behind in blogging the last couple months.) This past weekend was the craft fair! Our little 8x4 foot booth. It was a small booth but it sure made it look like we had a ton of stuff!
I made onesies, decorative burp cloths, paci clips, baby shoes, wipe cases, newborn hats, hooded towels, bibs, nursing covers, wall sign, flower clips, and party hats. Rachel made bows, bow holders, flannel burp cloths, and wipe cases.

Decorative burp cloths

Paci clips, newborn hats, bows

Tutu onesies for girls and tie onesies for boys

Hooded towels

Wipe cases (I only made about 6 of these. Rachel made the rest)

Basket of bibs

Stand with shoes and bows


Rachel and I at our booth. Jack came to visit for a few minutes. It was a very fun experience! We even sold some of our stuff which was exciting. We got many compliments on our products and people wanting our business card with our web site (problem is, we don't have one.) Ha! We may look into that or we may just sew for fun here and there and go to craft fairs once or twice a year. Who knows!


It's official! At 9 1/2 months old, Jack is a crawler! For real! He crawls like a real baby on his hands and knees. We were playing in the living room late one night. He was in his cozy teddy bear pj's and just started crawling. How does my baby boy keep growing? Each week he just changes so much!

Go Rangers

Jack and his Daddy were watching the Texas Rangers baseball game. (Go Rangers!) Look how excited Jack was... ...he was so excited he fell asleep in this position while trying to climb on Daddy.

What a cutie!
(By the way...Jack's muscle shirt in this picture says "I get my muscles from my Dad" Love it :-)

Pulling Up

This past week Jack has begun to pull himself up to a standing position and is able stay that way for quite some time. I left him playing in the game room for just a couple minutes, walked back in and found him standing up at his little piano.
He was even showing off - No Hands!!! Ha!