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Friday, April 17, 2015

Life at Our House

Randomness of what has been happening at our house the last few months...
 * Trips to the playground.  Here we all slid down the slide together.
 * A visit with the dentist
 * Wednesday morning bible study at church. We pack our lunches and eat with our friends afterwards.  May as well be dressed as a super hero for the occasion.
* Many bike rides.  I'd be glad to hold your hand while you ride little guy.  May as well enjoy it while he is requesting, right?!
 * Shaving cream fun!
 * Daddy even got in on the action one evening
 * A visit to the basketball game with our choir
 * Lunch at Pepa's Whataburger is always a treat (and a cause to get dressed up in all your necklaces)
 * Mowing the lawn.  Jack was sure to dig out Daddy's ear plugs for the job.  He wants to be just like his Dad.
 * Visits to GramPam & Pa-Pa's new house
 * School time.  Jack loves doing school and being the teacher.  Here he had set up some extra students to hear his lesson.
 * Reading- Amelia's thing right now is holding the book out like she is the teacher.
 * Trips to the Grapevine Aquarium with Grace & Noah
 Amelia's favorite were the jellyfish
 * School - Jack is the only kid I know that asks to do school on the weekend.  He loves learning!
 * May as well dress as a super hero for a quick ride in the car
 * Girls Night Out painting pottery with friends
 * Balcony Picnics
 * Frank Buck Zoo
 * Picnic Lunch with Lorelei & Bridgette while at the zoo
 * Amongst all the fun there is still work to be done! Jack does his work with such a happy heart.  He insisted that he be the one to clean up after the dog in the backyard.  I was happy to pass off the job to him!
 * Lots of walks. Amelia is such a little mommy - taking her baby for a walk in her stroller while also walking the dog.  She is quite the multi-tasker.
 * Eliana and her baby joined us on one of the walks
 * She wanted to have her own carrier tied on for her baby doll
 * Dancing at Trail Dust Steakhouse.  Sadly, Trail Dust has closed. :-(  It was Jack's favorite restaurant, so we had to make one last trip before the doors closed.  Thankful for all the joy that place brought to our little man over the years.
 Where will we all wear our cowboy boots now???
 * Discovering a new snack - ants on a log.  Jack was so excited to use his saw (from his plastic construction toys set) to cut the celery for me.  I didn't think it would work, but it did.  For several days after that, he begged to have this for snack - just so he could use his saw I suspect.
 * Dinner at the Bears Den
  * Pizza for dinner
 * Playing at the old playground with the cousins
 * Slurpee date for Mommy & Jack
 * Taking a break after doing yard work at GramPam & Pa-Pa's.  The conversation I overheard while they were sitting there:
Amelia: "Lets talk about something."
Jack: "Ok. Lets talk about GramPam & Pa-Pa's new house.  It's made of bricks.  They don't have their old house in Houston anymore.  They live here at their new house."
I love that they are both always eager to have conversations with each other.
 Jack was SO proud of each and every week he pulled in their front yard!  For EVERY SINGLE weed he pulled he would yell out, "Look at this one! I got the root!!!!"
 * Science experiment - what happens when you put celery stalks in colored water?  The leaves change into the color of the water.  Jack loved checking on his experiment everyday.
 * Lunch with Preston & Mackenzie after having gone to see both of them get baptized
 * Lots of silly faces
 * Showing off muscles
 * Preston's birthday party
 * Straw construction
 * Bike car wash
 * Snack time on our porch
 * A spur of the moment walk to Mom-mom & Pepa's front porch when they just happened to have a couple extra slices of pizza to share.
 * Drummer boy practice
 * Bedtime where Jack decided he needed a side table next to his bed.  He pulled over a little chair to put his clock and "phone" (calculator) on....just like Daddy.
 * ABC Letter Recognition Watering Can game - We write letters with chalk on the sidewalk.  I call out a letter and Jack waters that letter with his watering can.
 We did the same game for Amelia but with shapes.  This game was a big hit!
* Storytime in the neighborhood.  This week we heard a story about ducks then got to meet our friends new pet duckling.
So this is a glimpse into what we do each day.  Although we don't have a set schedule each week, we somehow have kept our days packed full with all sorts of outings and activities.  What a blessing to have these days at home with my kids!