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Monday, June 30, 2014

Independence Day Parade & Our Weekend

This past weekend was our neighborhoods annual Independence Day Parade.  For the last 4 years, our whole family has taken part in the parade.  Thanks to lots of planning and work from our neighbor Bob who comes up with the float idea each year, we have the joy of participating each year with them.  Pretty much....he does all the work and we show up and join in the fun for the actual parade.
 Our family for the 2014 Parade - Jack (3 years) & Amelia (19 months)
 Bob, Stefani & Zachary - our wonderful neighbors, friends, and the parade planners for our families!
 The idea for Jack was to have him wear this horse costume.  He looked cute in it but couldn't walk very well in it so ended up riding in the wagon instead.
 Barrett drove the truck that carried the float.
 Jack and Amelia weren't sure what to think about all this.  They pretty much just sat and had a glazed over look as we marched down the parade route.  Occasionally I could get them to wave at the crowd, otherwise they just sat there quietly and watched.
 Bob (inside the fort he built) shot off candy from a canon (that he also built).  Some of the other neighbor kids rode on the float and had the job of squirting people with water through those 2 other canons on the back of the trailer.
Waving to the crowd & throwing candy
 Red, White & Blue kids with awards around their necks....
 ....1st place!!!!!
 After the parade, we stayed for the celebration.  Amelia LOVED the bounce house!
 Jack loved swinging with Pepa.
 Later that evening, our friends Lorelei & Zachary came over to watch the fireworks display from out balcony.
 Amelia and Lorelei were so excited to see the fireworks!  They were glued to watching the sky and enjoying every second of it.
 The little boys on the other hand were snuggled up on their Mama's laps scared and ready for the fireworks to be over.  Jack did way better than he did last year watching them, but was still a nervous little guy.
 Sunday morning Jack sat with Pepa in big church while Barrett & I sang in the choir.  Jack LOVES getting to see the choir sing and we thought this Sunday would be an extra fun day for him to watch since it was the day they sing all the patriotic songs and have the soldiers march in during the Armed Forces song.  He loved when they brought out the big American flag during one of the songs.  At the end he told Pepa "I want more flags!" After the service he went to help Pepa get the sound set up for the big class in the chapel.
 Dessert Sunday night was smores!  Who ever said you couldn't make smores in the house at the kitchen tables?  
 No big camp fire needed. Just a couple of tea light candles and we were set!
 Amelia chowed down on some marshmallows.
 Yum! Yum!
We took a Sunday night walk to Mom-mom & Pepa's house.  Amelia is in love with this little white rocking chair they have on their front porch.  Just her size!
 This weekend we got out the water table on the back patio.  Too much fun!
 We took a walk to the swings.  It has been surprisingly cool so far this summer.  I'll enjoy this outdoor time while I can!
 Happy Independence Day!  So thankful for those who have fought for our freedom.
"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."
2 Corinthians 6:12

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