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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Time with the Grands and Great-Grands

Last week we took a little trip with my mom to visit my grandparents Mimie and Papa (Jack & Amelia's Great Grandparents) for the morning.
 Amelia loved rocking in this old red rocking chair in their living room.  I have always loved this chair.  Reminds me of Christmas.
Jack and Papa 
We stayed at the house with Papa while my mom & Mimie took a trip out to the store.  It was a precious time getting to sit and talk with Papa, sing old hymns, and have some playtime for Jack & Amelia with their great-grandfather, Papa.
 Amelia and Papa
 For lunch, we went and ate at Pepa's restaurant.  Jack is always wanting to go eat Pepa's hamburger and fries.  Delicious!
 Mom-mom & Jack
 My babies & I
Amelia & Pepa
Lovin' these days!

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