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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Little Artists

We had a painting adventure outdoors this morning!
 We brought the easel out on the front porch with some paint and brand new paintbrushes.
 Jack got straight to painting.  When I asked him what he was painting, he said "1's."
If that sounds like fun to you little buddy, go for it! Paint all the 1's you want!
 Amelia was going to just be a spectator, but she wasn't too happy about not getting her hands dirty too.
 Soooo, Amelia became a little artist on the porch this morning with her big brother!
 What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday morning.
 Amelia did awesome keeping the pink paint on the paper.  I was pleasantly surprised!

 Jack the Artist with his masterpiece of 1's. :-)
 The finished products!
 After all that concentrating while painting they had to get busy playing.  Here they are going for a "motorcycle" ride together. Such sweet playmates.
 Then Jack built a "fire" with the weeds we pulled. 
 Amelia just helped out by looking adorable as always.
 Once inside, they did another form of dough!
I love how Jack and Amelia have so much fun creating and being little artists. So many ways to explore and use the talents God has given them to create something beautiful.

"In the beginning God created..." Genesis 1:1

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