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Friday, June 13, 2014

The Wedding Day of Mr & Mrs Alex Craig

Wedding Day!!!
 All dressed up for the big celebration!
 We walked up to the church right as the groom Alex arrived.  As he walked past us into the church, Jack said to Alex, "Amelia is a girl. Amelia is a princess."  Of course, information Jack thought Uncle Alex needed to know as he walked into the church to get married. :-)
 Alex and Mom. Stunning.
 The chapel
 Just less than a week before, Barrett & I had celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary.  How time flies!
Parents of the groom
 Ring Bearers.  Best outfits ever!!!
Here comes the bride. The first look at the bride.
Alex's Princess. Jennifer was truly a stunning bride!
 The ceremony
 Mr & Mrs Alex Craig
The reception was at the Glasgow Farm - Jennifer's family's farm in the barn

 We were greeted by goats!
 Drink station
 This was the cake display that Alex created.  It was dangling from the ceiling then when it was time to cut the cake, music was played and it was gently lowered to the bride and groom.

 Jack had his name at the mini head table.  He was proud to have a spot at the little table.

Such a perfect reception.  Perfect for the prince & princess.

 All around the barn there were wedding pictures displayed of the parents and grandparents.
 Some of the Craig family by the old gas pumps outside the farm
 Grandparents of the groom - Mimie & Papa 
Off to the chicken coop
 The chicken coop 
 The turkeys

Cousins - Maeve, Amelia & Eliana
There were sooo many little boy cousins but I never thought to round them up together before it was too late.
 A sitting area outside the barn.
 The bride and groom
 Dinner - the Glasgow family is amazing.  The whole family not only had the reception at their farm but also made all the food and sweets for the reception.  It was incredibly delicious!  I could use more of those sweet potatoes right about now!
 Jennifer and Alex - So happy!
 Our family (with a turkey in the background on the fence)
Standing by the barn door.  Not your typical barn with chandeliers hanging inside.
 The music started and the cake was lowered.  Fairytale wedding.
 Just what Jack had been waiting for...cake!
 Oliver took over the dance floor with some break dancing during one song. Hilarious!
 Twirling in her dress
 To finish off the night there was a fireworks display...
 ...and sparklers to send them off!

I am so excited for my little brother Alex and new sister-in-law Jennifer!  They are two extremely talented people and we are all so excited to see where the Lord takes them together.

****Note: Not all of these photos were taken by me.  A few of them I got off of other peoples facebook statuses.  If one of these pictures happens to be yours, thank you!  I loved your picture and wanted to remember the memories.  It was hard to get pictures while running around keeping 2 small children in order :-)

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