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Friday, June 13, 2014

Day Before the Wedding

 The Groom with Mom and Dad at the hotel the day before the wedding.  Getting ready to go to the barn to set up for wedding preparations.
 Our hotel had a big breakfast each morning.  It was perfect getting to have a nice meal and get to sit with all the family that was staying there too.
 Mom & I helped with getting the favors ready.  We cut parchment paper, ribbon & tulle to then later wrap up the yummy homemade dessert favors.
 Our hotel was kind enough to let us use one of their big meeting rooms for our project. It was great having big tables to work with and having a door we could close so the kiddos were contained in one area while we worked.  It's the little things that make me so happy!
 We took a quick trip to the barn to drop off the project we were working on.  While there, Jack got to meet the turkeys!
 Hannah took Jack past the turkey's and into the barn to see the project Daddy was working on.
 Alex was building a platform for the wedding cake to be displayed on and lowered down into the barn (more pictures coming soon), so Barrett spent some of the day helping out with that, along with other projects.
We had some pool time at the hotels indoor pool.  This was our first trip to the pool this season and it was a big hit!
We went to the wedding rehearsal just to watch.  My favorite part was watching Oliver practice for his part as one of the ring bearers.  He took his part very seriously and was trying so hard to take the right steps (left, together, right, together).  It was adorable!
The rehearsal dinner was at the Kenmore Inn (an adorable bed & breakfast) in the beautiful historical downtown section of Fredericksburg, VA.  
 Kids table
 We sat with Tara, Jacob & Hannah in the room with the kids.
 The bride and groom 
There were so many cool places to take pictures there, but of course I didn't end up with many.

 Our family
 Aaron and his fiance Brynn
 Late that night after the rehearsal dinner, some of us went back to the farm and worked on completing wrapping the favors (the best ever homemade raspberry marshmallows on a bed of chocolate and smothered with coconut).  This brides family knows how to cook & bake! 
The Sisters and future sister-in-laws - Tara, Hannah, Brynn (who's wedding will be sometime next year), Myself & Jennifer (the bride!!!)

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