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Monday, June 2, 2014

Much of May

 After seeing lawn men on our street with lawn mowers in the back of their trucks, Jack decided he needed to put his lawn mower on top of his car.
 Amelia trying out Charlies doggie door
 Jack and Amelia on the mini bench waiting for our table at Babe's Chicken
 Jack's favorite breakfast - cereal (normally lucky charms or Krave)
 Going to work with Daddy (taking the family tour of DU)

 Mothers Day dinner with my firstborn
 Who can resist getting a bag of popcorn while shopping at Target?
 Not I...nor my 2 children that know mommy gives in pretty easily when they ask for it as we walk through the doors of target.  Why does popcorn have to smell soooo good?
 Jack the bowler!

 Bowling buddies - Jack and Cody
 Playing at the playground
1st outfit I made for Amelia with my new Serger
 Outfit #2
 Chick-fil-A at the mall while doing shopping for Daddy's birthday gifts.
 The princess checking out all the princess stuff at the Disney store.
 It takes team work to give the dog her bath!
 Jack had his first experience pushing a mini shopping cart at Kroger.  He LOVED it and was actually a huge help (once he had his lesson about WALKING - not running- with the cart and the lesson about GENTLY placing food into the cart - not throwing it in.) He was SO proud of himself!
 Little Miss Independent thinks she can go up and down the stairs all by herself.  She actually does a very good job with it too.  Still makes mommy nervous though.
 Voting day.  Jack and Amelia were enthralled with their "I Voted" stickers.
We had out choir rehearsal in the sanctuary this week so Pepa and Jack sat in there to watch.  Jack can't stop talking about it.  He is a lover of music too!

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