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Friday, June 13, 2014

Riding on an Airplane to Alex's Wedding

Our much anticipated ride on an airplane to go to Alex's wedding has now come and gone.  It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding!  We were gone for about a week and are so happy to be home now (especially Jack!)
 Our walk from the car to the airport shuttle. I had been wondering how we were going to get our luggage, 2 car seats & 2 kids to the airport.  Thanks to a wonderful friend who had already experienced traveling with all this gear, she figured it out for me by making some cool system to strap the car seats onto the rolling suitcases.  Worked like a charm.  I wouldn't say it magically made the process 'easy', but it made it doable! Jack was a big helper pulling his suitcase (for about the first 30 seconds of the trip, until he had had enough fun with that). 
 Amelia (18 months old) rode in the stroller.
 On the plane!  This was Amelia's first plane ride.  I had stressed myself out thinking about how this flight would go.  Really, I had nothing to worry about.  Both kids did incredible!!!!
 Once up in the air, Jack said, "Where's Alex? Where's the wedding?"  Ooops!  Forgot to explain to this boy that the wedding wasn't actually on the airplane but that we were just taking the airplane to get to the wedding.
 These gel window clings were the best $1 investment I had ever made.  Amelia took them on and off the window for a good hour to keep herself busy.
 Jack (3 years old) just played with his leap pad the whole flight.
 Another trick (of about 10 I had ready to go) that I pulled out of my bag were stickers and crayons.  This was also a big hit.

 Amelia stayed wide awake the whole first flight to Charlotte, North Carolina then promptly fell asleep the second we got off the plane and put her in her stroller.  Nice break for all of us while we waited for our next flight to Baltimore.
 Trying to look out the window at the airplanes.
 Once on our second flight, Jack promptly fell asleep and slept the whole flight.
 More window clings for flight #2.
 The bus ride to get our rental car
We made it to our hotel in Fredricksburg, VA!  Alex even came over to our room for a late night visit!  Next preparations!

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