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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Phone Pics

So now that I have an iPhone I have been using that more ofter to take pictures. Up until right now I wasn't too sure how to get those lovely pictures off the phone and on to my computer. Now that I finally figured it out (and it could not have been easier to figure out) I have a bunch of random but cute pictures from the past couple months. Enjoying the nice weather at the swings
Love the overalls

Spaghetti Night at Mom-mom and Pepa's house

Going shopping at the $ store to fill up our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes

A visit to the Galleria at Christmas time

How much fun to have a baby with me this year to enjoy Christmas time with at the mall. Love it!

I love this. Here are all of our favorite drinks we got to enjoy while at the mall - Barrett's bold black coffee, my mocha frappuccino, and Jack's bottle of milk!

One afternoon while feeding lunch to Jack and Zach they both fell asleep while eating - both within about 30 seconds of each other. It was too funny. It looks like we will need to start having an earlier lunch time.

Cruising' in the radio flyer

What a messy face! Jack sure enjoyed his black beans at On the Border!

Yup, he's cute!!!!

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