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Friday, January 6, 2012

Jack's 1st Birthday!!!!

December 26, 2011
How could one year already have passed since we first laid eyes on our son for the first time? What a wonderful day that was- the day that Jack was born! And what a dream this past year has been getting to spend every single day with the best little boy a mom could ask for!

Jack's birthday morning - awake and ready for a fun day!

His door is all decorated for a birthday!
Yea! Balloons!

The big one year old eating his breakfast under more balloons and streamers.

"Happy Birthday Jack" banner

We took Jack to the Dallas World Aquarium for his birthday.

Checking out the sloth in the tree

Father and son

Birthday boy in his birthday shirt

This was Jack's favorite - the sting rays! He loved being able to stand up right next to the glass, watching the sting rays swing by.

Such fun!

Our family

Looking at the waterfall

He is taking it all in. Jack loves to just look all around.

Walking along the giant aquarium wall (while holding on to the glass.)

Oh no! I lost my balance!

That's better! That manatee was huge!!!!

Surrounded by fish in tunnel #1.

Tunnel #2

Looks to me like he is in the water with the all the fish!

Having fun!

We stopped for lunch at a pizza place on the way home. Jack was warn out and slept through the whole stop!

This picture was taken at 1:25pm - the exact minute Jack was born last year. He is exactly 1 year old!

Mom and Jack at 1:25pm

Dad and Jack at 1:25pm

At home and awake eating lunch - 2 of his favorite foods - black eyed peas and cheese!

GramPam and PaPa came into town on Jack's birthday afternoon.

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Diving into the smash cake!

Mommy, Jack, and Daddy on Jack's 1st birthday! Opening presents

My new toy boxJack, we love you and we are so glad that you are our sweet little one year old!
Jack's Winter ONEderland birthday party pictures coming soon....

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