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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jack's "Winter ONEderland" 1st Birthday Party

I had been wondering for months what I wanted the theme to be for Jack's first birthday party. While looking online one evening I came across the theme "Winter ONEderland" and from that moment I knew that was it! What could be better? A party in the winter and he was only going to be turning ONE for a winter ONEderland party once. So Winter ONEderland it was!!! Most ideas came from pinterest and other peoples blogs. What did people do before internet? The Invitation - one picture for each month of Jack's life.
The welcome sign hanging on the front door - Welcome to Jack's Winter ONEderland

The Big Cake - those cake decorating classes I took while pregnant with Jack finally paid off! Vanilla cake with blue buttercream icing with almond flavoring

The smash cake

Melting Snowman cookies

Make sugar cookies. Frost with white icing. Put a marshmallow in the microwave for about 25 seconds then put the marshmallow on top of the frosted cookie. Decorate with colored icing to make it look like a melting snowman. Loved this! They were actually quite tasty too!

Jack's highchair

Snowballs (balloons) and snowflakes (foam snowflakes found in the $1 spot in target) hanging from the ceiling in the breakfast room.

The buffet area with a birthday banner and giant tissue paper snowballs

Dining room - more falling snow and snowballs

I took a picture of Jack each week, documenting his growth throughout his first year then displayed those 52 weekly pictures on the wall in the dining room.

Living room - still decorated for Christmas with the addition of.....snow falling!

Jack's monthly pictures

A clothes line with some of Jack's "baby" clothes hanging up.

"Melted Snowflakes" (water)

"Snowman's Hot Tub" (delicious homemade hot chocolate made in the crock pot)

Hot Chocolate Bar - Fluffy miniature snowballs (marshmallows), Frosty whipped Cream, Cozy Chocolate sprinkles, and Chocolate dipped candy canesHot beverage snowman cups"Snowman's Mud Bath" (coffee) For dinner - 21 pizzas, veggie salad, fruit salad, and chips (let me just add we ate pizza at our house for dinner for about the next week! That was a lot of pizza!)

Me and my little snowman

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Digging in


Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy!

Daddy and Jack

Icing face

What a mess but oh so cute!

Is the sugar starting to kick in already?!

Time for presents

The wrapping paper and tissue paper were his favorite part of the gifts I think.

Thanks everyone (we counted 54 people - family, church friends, and neighborhood friends) for coming to my party!!!

What a precious little one year old snowman

Playing with new toys

Game - Pin the carrot nose on the snowman

Smash cake, birthday bib and picture
(not sure why the picture won't turn the right direction for me)

The Gifts - I think Jack will be set with toys for the next year!

Party Favors

Snowman Kit
Just add SNOW!!!!

Hat, googly eyes, carrot nose, coal mouth, scarf, and pom-pom buttons. Once it snows just build a snowman and decorate it with these goodies!

Jack's first birthday party was too much fun! A lot of time and planning when into this but it was all well worth it! I'd say the party was a celebration of Jack's first birthday along with a celebration that Barrett and I made it through the first year as parents! We couldn't ask for a better son and look forward to all that is in store for Jack this next year.

Happy 1st Birthday, Jack!!!!


  1. Wow! What a fantastic party! My little girl will be one in January and I very well may steal all your ideas! Thanks!

  2. I'm so glad I stumbled across this. My Jack is turning 1 on Wednesday. we are also doing winter ONEderland. You have quite a few great ideas!