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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

I had been searching all season long for the perfect "baby's first Christmas" ornament for Jack. We ended up with not just one....but 4! Can you tell we are excited about Jack's 1st Christmas? The first one I found (which I don't even have a picture of) was one that I ended up picking out earlier on in the Christmas season but I didn't really love it. It is the kind that you put a baby picture into. I still haven't put a picture into it yet and it is now packed away with all our decorations and never even made it to the tree this year.I then found this idea online (thanks pinterest) to make a hand print ornament. LOVED this idea. Now I can always remember how little Jack's hand was his first Christmas. This ornament Jack's Aunt Tara made for him. I LOVE this one too! I really just love anything that is personalized with his name on it.
This last one we found right before Christmas on clearance at Nordstrom's. We had gone to the Galleria to meet up with Tara. I walked by this ornament in the store and was oooing and aahhing over it. Once I met up with Tara inside the mall she was like, "I saw the perfect baby's first Christmas ornament in Nordstrom's today." Sure enough we had both seen this and loved it! So we now both have matching ornaments on our tree. What a fun memory that will be each year since we both had our baby boys just 4 weeks apart.

And lastly, this is not an ornament, but a necklace that Tara made me for Christmas this year. What talent she has! Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE anything that is personalized and that has the name JACK on it?!?! This is just perfect!!!!

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