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Monday, January 16, 2012


Jack has become a wild man! He really does seem to be into everything! You look away for a second, turn around, and he has something in his mouth, he has opened another cabinet, he is touching something that should not be touched or climbing on something. This sofa table originally had decorative things on the bottom shelf. We eventually took of those decorative things because Jack kept getting into them. Now that the fun stuff to play with is gone Jack has decided it is a great place to now climb into!
Oh my! All I can think about is that he is going to fall out and fall onto the tile floor.

So now we have a beautiful (not) pile of pillows on that bottom shelf to keep the little climber off the shelf.

Another project that Daddy has been working on this week is installing cabinet locks. This here is why. I will say that this particular cabinet is the one that he is aloud to get into since it is all our plastic containers, but oh my, even just having one cabinet open can make a BIG mess!

But I wouldn't trade these days of chasing around this wild man for ANYTHING!!! This is a challenging stage, but man oh man is this kid cute and super sweet!

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