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Monday, January 16, 2012

12 Months Old

3 weeks ago (I know, I'm way behind) my baby boy turned 12 months old. In case you didn't know, that means that Jack is now a ONE YEAR OLD!!! At Jack's one year appointment he weighed 18 lbs 8 oz (3rd percentile) and was 28 inches long(3rd percentile.) Jack wears size 3 diapers. He is in 9-12 month clothes. Right now I am wishing there was a size 10.5 months for pants. Some of the 9 month pants seem a little snug around the waist but the 12 month are just way too long. Jack has a head full of brown hair, big blue eyes, 4 teeth on top and 4 teeth on the bottom.
Jack sleeps around 10 hours straight at night with normally a morning nap and afternoon nap, 1-2 hours each, although recently he seems to be leaning toward possibly taking just one nap in the late morning/early afternoon.
Jack is eating all finger foods - basically just whatever we are eating cut into small pieces. Starting on his 1st birthday he started gradually having whole milk mixed into his bottles. He is now completely through with nursing and completely on whole milk. He has about 4 six ounce bottles a day. We keep trying sippy cups but he is having a hard time transitioning to a sippy cup from a bottle. We continue to try. Eventually he will take a cup of milk, right?

Jack continues to be in love with his paci. It is his best friend right now.

Jack continues to cruise all over the place. He has begun taking a few steps here and there, but nothing too consistent yet. He is one cautious little man (when it comes to walking without holding on.) One of these days he is going to just let go and take off!

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