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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Little More Christmas....

Just realized I never posted a picture of our Christmas card this year. We ordered them from Costco and are very pleased with how they turned out this year. I always have a hard time choosing just one picture for our cards so they always seem to end up having a bunch of pictures. It was especially hard for me this year since this was Jack's first Christmas but he had changed so much throughout the year. So we have a newborn picture along with a few pictures from throughout the year (the tie pic is from Easter, the hat pic is from his first trip to the ocean, the family pic is from the summer time, and the big kid pic is what he actually looks like right now :-) Christmas Card 2011
Snuggling with his new bear

Cousins - Mackenzie, Jack & Preston

Opening gifts with Barrett's side of the family Jack didn't make it very far staying awake during all the gift opening.

We all got a new bottle of the great North Dallas Honey! It is some good stuff! Another fun Christmas celebration!

Time for some fun with the wagon!Check out the dessert table - many different pies, cookies, and candies. Talk about sugar overload!!! And this is all for just 6 adults and 3 kids (one of those kids being Jack, who doesn't eat much at all yet.)We get all those desserts thanks to these two people - Barrett and his mom.This is my favorite...snuggle time on the couch with my baby boy.

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