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Friday, June 7, 2013

Phone Pictures

It sure is convenient to have a camera on the phone to snap pictures while out and about and not have to carry around something extra.  Here is another random assortment of pictures taken with my phone over the last month or so.
 We got to go to a family picnic event with Barrett's work.  Here Jack got to try out what a meeting would be like in one of the meeting rooms.
 At the picnic Jack was able to go on his first pony ride.  He thought it was the best thing ever!!!
 Next was the petting zoo.  He really wanted nothing to do with petting the animals though. Not because he was scared of them but because he couldn't stop thinking about and looking at the pony ride. So we quickly made our way back to the ponies for another ride. 
 I stayed home from church one Sunday with this sick little guy.  I love that our church has live video streaming of the service to watch online when you can't be there in person.  We were even able to see Daddy on the screen while he was singing in the choir. 
 We went to a picnic at the park with our friends from Wednesday morning bible study.
 I told Jack one day that we were going somewhere and that he needed to get his shoes on (and apparently his pants too.)  He went into my closet and came out with these beautiful high heels of mine to wear.
 Amelia at her 6 month check-up.
 She got all wrapped up in her blanket to keep warm while waiting for the doctor to come in. Nice and cozy!
 Jack went to a friends birthday party where he got to wear a Woody cowboy hat (it was a Toy Story themed party.)
 On a walk going to Mom-mom's house
 Going to eat lunch at Pepa's restaurant.  I'd say he looks happy to eat some chicken & fries.
 We checked out Cabela's for the first time.  Lots of cool fish to see!

 Jack found a new toy he wants to add to his Christmas wish list.
 Amelia enjoying the nice weather on another walk.
 Jack and Mom-mom looking at the water on our walk.
 Jack and Daddy looking for fish and ducks at the pond.
 We also took a trip to Bass Pro so Barrett could do some shopping with his birthday gift cards. The boys loved climbing into all the boats.
And Amelia loved sitting in the cart, smiling at all the other customers along the way.  She brings smiles to peoples faces everywhere she goes!

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