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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jack the Bowler

I decided early on that if I had my say in what sport I want Jack to play, bowling it would be.  Why? Because it is a sport he can not get hurt playing (unless of course he drops the bowling ball on his toes..there is no safe sport is there?), it is played indoors in the air conditioning, he gets to wear those cool bowling shoes, and I can eat pizza & nachos and drink cokes while watching him play! Well, he had his first taste of bowling this summer!  There is a program this summer ( that allows kids to play 2 games of bowling each day for free!!! (plus the cost of renting the cool shoes, unless the guy at the desk thinks your kid is cute and too little to need shoes than it is totally free. Yay for us! Added bonus!)
 Jack LOVED it! The bowling alley had this cool ramp that the smaller kids could use and just push their bowling ball down the ramp instead of picking up the heavy ball.  Worked great!
 So many colorful balls to choose from!
 Me with my little bowling boy! This could be the start of something grand :-)
We went bowling with Jacks buddy Cody. Cody wasn't quite as fond of the whole bowling experience, but we will try again later this summer with him.
 Way to go Jack. First bowling score: 56. Not bad!!

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