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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I thought we needed a post just about this sweet little man - JACK. He is one amazing  2 year and 5 month old boy.  Just being with him, you can't resist getting a smile on your face.  He is always so happy and always laughing (really, how did we get blessed with 2 VERY HAPPY kids?!?!?) He enjoys every minute of life and is always busy discovering something new, playing, moving, dancing, reading, eating, or doing some project around the house.
 He and Java looking out the window while eating a snack of apples.
 My little helper "doing the dishes"....
 ...or just having fun playing in the water.
 Pulling weeds with daddy and getting a little distracted with every plane that flies by overhead.
Jack actually REALLY enjoys helping to pull weeds.  He now has his own set of gloves to wear to help out. Daddy or mommy pull out the weed, then Jack picks it up and puts it in the bucket to throw away.
 Showing off his nice big weed!
 Now that it has heated up, Jack is playing in his new kiddi pool in the backyard,
 along with the sprinkler.
 Jack has discovered the wonderfulness of eating all his breakfast cereal then drinking the leftover milk out of his bowl.  Pretty cool thing to do if you are 2.
 I found Jack playing here the other day with his teddy bear.  He had put a diaper on it, was pretending to put saline drops in its nose, then using the bulb syringe to clean out its nose.  I'd say he is a Daddy in training.

Jack is so good at playing independently! He will go play in the playroom all on his own for a long time playing with all his toys - like with these little tikes toys, his play kitchen, playhouse, tool set, puzzles, books, cars. He knows how to keep himself busy and happy!
This kid is growing up so fast and seems to be more and more like a big boy everyday!

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