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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amelia is 6 Months Old

Happy 1/2 Birthday Amelia! How in the world can this baby girl already be 6 months old? In my mind she should be about 2 months old. But she's not! She is a precious baby that is half way to being one!
She went to her 6 month appointment with the pediatrician and got a wonderful report. She is right on track and looking perfect!
Weight: 15 lbs. 5 oz. (48th percentile)
Height: 25 3/4 inches (also 48th percentile)
Perfectly proportioned!
Amelia learned how to sit up this past month at 5 1/2 months old. She is an old pro at it now and loves sitting up to play and see what all is going on.
Amelia is not a fan of nap time. Some days she will take only one 30 minute nap, other days it could be a couple 1-2 hour naps.  Completely unpredictable! Hopefully someday soon she will be in more of a routine, but so far, not at all.  She is sleeping pretty good at night.  She will go 8-9 hours at night before needing to eat again (with a couple wake-ups during the night for her pacifier.) She is still sleeping in our bedroom. Still not ready to be running up the stairs several times a night to give her a paci.
Amelia nurses first thing in the morning then gets bottles of pumped milk the rest of the day. She will have four 6-8 ounce bottles throughout the day.
Amelia is in size 2 diapers and wears mostly 6 & 9 month clothes.  
Amelia's big  thing right now is smiling and laughing.  Anywhere we go people are always commenting on how happy of a baby she seems to be.  And she really always long as she has another person close by.
 Amelia spends most every meal time right here at the table with us.  She likes to be at eye level with us and see all that is going on. She is my little eating buddy.
 Amelia found out that her big toe makes the perfect chew toy this month!
 She loves sitting on the floor playing with her toys - as long as someone is right there with her. She is for sure a people person and enjoys having others around at all times!
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these blue eyes
Amelia is ALWAYS a happy, smiling, laughing girl and loves spending time outside.

 Still playing dress-up with this girl and all these cute dresses!
 Amelia's 1st time in a bathing suit.  We tried out the kiddi pool.  She didn't actually get into it (big brother did) but we still got some cute pictures. :-)
 Working on her tan....for the 30 seconds I let her sit on this chair out in the sun.
She looks so big here playing in the playroom.  When did my baby girl turn into this big girl??

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