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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brother & Sister

 These 2 love hanging out together!
 Jack likes for Amelia to come hang out in his bed some mornings. She thinks its pretty cool too.

 Here Jack is "reading" a book to Amelia. Often times he tries to turn her head towards the book to look at the pictures whether she wants to see them or not. The other morning while getting ready for church in the morning Amelia was sitting on our bed as she is here.  Jack climbed up on the bed, put his arm around her in a hug and said in his sweet little voice to his little sister, "good morning."
Jack prepared an inside picnic for the two of them with a picnic blanket, play food, and all. So sweet.
And just to document, this is what most meal times look for us these days...Amelia in my arms, my food pushed over towards Jack so Amelia doesn't grab it. Fun times!

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