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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
Love, Jack & Amelia
Amelia gave Daddy an extra special gift for Father's Day. She said her first word: Da-da.  Not sure she really knows what she is saying, but I sure think she could!
 We celebrated a great Father's Day with this wonderful Daddy of Jack & Amelia's.  So thankful for him! He is always full of energy and can always bring a smile to our faces. We love him so much!!!
 This past week or so Jack has been making sure that we all know that Barrett is his Daddy.  He will be near Barrett saying, "MY Daddy, MY Daddy." He really is turning into a Daddy's boy right now.
 For dinner we went to the chinese food and crab leg buffet.  The last time we were there (which was actually on Mothers Day) Jack saw this cat statue and fell in love!  It's arm moves up and down like it is waving so Jack enjoys trying to imitate the cat.
 I am so thankful for MY Daddy that is such a great Dad to myself and awesome Pepa to Jack and Amelia.  On Saturday night I took Jack and Amelia to the pool with my parents.  Pepa held Amelia for a while in the pool and before long she was sound asleep on his shoulder. Precious!
I am so thankful for my father in law too, who is an outstanding man and a wonderful Pa-Pa to Jack & Amelia.  He is always eager to talk to and play with the the kids.  Jack is always excited to sit down and talk to Pa-Pa on the phone each week.

It is an honor having each of these men as a part or our lives.
 Happy Father's Day!

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