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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Swim Lessons for Jack

This past week was Jack's first experience with swim lessons.  They offered lessons at our neighborhood pool, so we took advantage of that!  They are 4 days a week for 2 weeks - 45 minute lessons each day.
 Day 1 before the lesson...not too sure what is about to happen.
 He has been learning how to scoop with his hands, kick his feet, blow bubbles, make a bubble in his cheeks, and float like a starfish.
He has such a serious looking face whenever it is his turn to practice swimming with the teacher.  Really concentrating!
 He has been so happy at lessons most everyday!
 They have also been practicing how to jump into the water by playing the "3 little speckled Frogs" game.
Amelia does her best to sit in the stroller and watch.
 Practicing his "starfish"
Such a happy little swimmer!
Once lessons are over, if we have no where else to be that morning, we stay and swim a while longer, which has really ended up being that we stay and play in the sandbox instead of swimming.  They love it! 

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