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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 4th in Houston

We spent our July 4th weekend in Houston visiting GramPam & Papa.  There were multiple purposes for our celebrate Barrett's 40th birthday, Father's Day with Pa-Pa, GramPam's BIG birthday (a number that ends in a zero ;-) and to help them with projects around their house as they get ready to put their house on the market to make the big move to live closer to us (SO excited)!!!! 
 We stopped at Sam's Restaurant - an all you can eat buffet - on our drive to Houston.  It was Mexican food night, along with all their normal yummy home cooking. 
 We all left super full.  There was really no need for us to stop for a big buffet when we were going to GramPam's house that is always full of delicious food & desserts....but its hard to remember that when you are in the middle of a long drive and everyone is hungry.
Jack & Amelia did a project with GramPam - pulling weeds
Jack was more than happy to get some time to put on his work gloves, pick up a tool and get busy in the dirt!
Amelia did her fair share of trying to help too.
Playing in the backyard
 Watermelon - Amelia's favorite fruit. She ate basically that whole slice of watermelon.  We need to sign her up for a watermelon eating competition!
We were treated out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant one evening.  Such a yummy treat! Stuffed Avocado. Awesomeness!
Amelia devoured her very own bowl of salsa.

 Jack holding a cicada  shell.  Boys...
 Playtime outside
 Fun at the playground. Love how well these 2 play together!
 Looking at all the turtles and fish in the pond
Who says you can't try wearing more than one bow?
 Time to see how much you have grown next to Spot.

 Watching fireworks on the TV with Pa-Pa
First we watch the Washington, DC fireworks display.  Jack enjoyed being able to see some of the sights on TV that we had just seen last month while visiting DC.
 Amelia kept us all extra entertained by making sure we all had a sticker on our nose while watching fireworks.
 I have come to really appreciate and enjoy watching fireworks on TV.  Especially when I have a little boy that gets nervous with real fireworks outside.  So relaxing to just sit inside and get a perfect view and get to see some beautiful displays from big cities that we wouldn't get to see otherwise.
After the DC fireworks were the New York City fireworks.  These were my favorite!  They are shot off from 3 or 4 boats in the middle of the water and off one of the bridges.  Magnificent display!
 Our family - July 4, 2014
 Snack time on the stairs
 We took a trip over to the pool.  We had it all to ourselves most of the time.  Perfect pool weather!

We took GramPam out for her birthday dinner at Red Lobster.  Can't go there without a stop at the lobster aquarium!
Daddy's birthday celebration.
 Pa-Pa's Father's Day celebration

GramPam's birthday celebration
 Jack's favorite dessert that GramPam made this weekend was the chocolate icebox pie.  DELICIOUS! Along with the strawberry frozen dessert & lemon cake.  GramPam knows we are people that love sweets!
 Amelia is loving her baby dolls these days.  Here she is swaying with her baby while singing "Rock-a-bye baby"
 Love this sweet boy
 Love this silly girl
 Love how much these 2 love each other.
Big hugs.
 Big kisses.
And a sign that these two really are brother and sister.

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