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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fun Free Friday!

Who doesn't like a fun Friday? Better yet, who doesn't like a fun FREE Friday? That is exactly what we had yesterday!
First for the day was bowling.  Thanks to Jack is able to bowl 2 free games a day all summer long.
 We met Jack's buddies Cody & Mason at the bowling alley.  They are all getting so good at taking turns and becoming such good bowlers.
 Maggie & Amelia cheered on the boys.
 After free bowling was FREE lunch at chick-fil-A for "dress like a cow" day! Dress like a cow, get a free meal. 
 Since the date was 7/11, we got our FREE Slurpee's that 7-11 was giving away.  So refreshing on a hot summer day.
 Amelia even got her very own Slurpee.  She was in love!
 We just happened to be hungry for some more chicken, so we turned ourselves into cows again and went out for another FREE meal! (Barrett joined us for dinner this time, along with our friends Stef & Zach.)
 Amelia came up with her own form of FREE entertainment while walking around the store after dinner...a ride on the bottom of the shopping cart. 
Jack thought it looked like a good idea too, so joined right in with his little sister.
SO THANKFUL for such wonderful companies that are so generous with their customers and make for a fun and free day out!

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