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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fall in July

We woke up Thursday morning to rain and cool weather. Like in the 60's and hardly touching 70's that first day. Such a nice surprise to get in the middle of July!  If there had been access to pumpkins, I probably would have bought one.  In my mind for those few days, fall was here! I did end up making a pot of soup and some warm peach cobbler.
The kids played for a few minutes on the back patio that first morning.  Of course Amelia has to get extra wet standing out in the rain and splashing in the water! 
Jack had some good indoor playtime playing with his new truck while the rain was falling.

 At one point we got out the umbrellas and walked out in the rain.

 Then they decided they would take a "nap" under their umbrellas on the porch.
 We watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2."  Jack made sure to make himself feel right at home on the couch while eating his popcorn. :-)
 Amelia went back and forth between watching the movie and taking care of her baby doll.
 Friday was cool again but without rain.  Perfect day for the zoo!! The car thermometer said it was 66 degrees outside on our drive there.  I think it got to be a high in the mid 70's that day. Not bad for July! I had zero intentions of taking the kids to the zoo this summer because I am not one to put up with spending the day out in the heat.  But hey, if there is a summer day that feels like fall....I'm more than happy to go to the zoo!
 Our picnic lunch
 Jack sat on this wall what seemed like forever just observing the monkey.
 Tara, Griffin & Eliana met up with us later in the day.  They let Jack use some of their giraffe food to feed the giraffe's. What a treat!
 Up close to the lion.  Thankful for windows between us and the animals!
 Griffin, Eliana, Jack & Amelia looking at the zebras.
 Swim lessons had been cancelled Thursday & Friday due to rain and cold weather.  Saturday morning was the make-up day.  Jack was not happy.  He really hadn't been overly happy to go to swim lessons the whole last week (being the homebody that he is) but it made it extra hard going when the water hadn't warmed up yet. Poor guy. But I love this face.
A cupcake made it all better in the end though.  He left swim lessons saying, "that was fun!" So glad he left with good memories of swim lessons!
 Amelia got a cupcake too (but only ate the icing).  An award for being a patient little sister while watching Jack in the pool each day.
 After swimming we played at the playground for about an hour.  The weather was still in the 70's and perfect! Must note: Amelia climbed up that weird red ladder thing all by herself (with me hovering over her from behind, of course). Such good motor skills this girl has!
 Mom-mom, Pepa & Hannah were there at the playground with us.  Hannah spent so much time running and playing with the kids in the field and helping them get some energy out! Such a fun memory! We are sure gonna miss her when she leaves for Michigan to go to college next month. :-(
More fun at home....Chalk outlines on the sidewalk.
Jack wanted to trace me with the chalk, so I laid down on the sidewalk.  Not a bad job...although when I look at this, I see a walrus!  
That's kind of a scary thing to see after your child traces you. :-/
Saturday night Zachary came over to play.  Matching PJ's for the best buds!

As of today (Monday), the heat is back.  So sad for those surprise fall weather days to be over but incredibly thankful for 

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