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Monday, January 27, 2014

Gift of Christmas

Since before we were even married, Barrett and I have been a part of the Christmas program at church each year (excluding last year since Amelia was just about 2 weeks old at the time.)  We took part in it again this year.  I will say it was a little different this time around since we now have 2 little people that come with us wherever we go. I was concerned with how they would do being in a class every evening for about 1.5 weeks straight.  Amelia did great! Jack on the other hand...struggled. But we all made it through the week, had a wonderful 8 performances and got to spend much of our Christmas season telling the wonderful story of Jesus birth!
 Barrett & I in our biblicals
 My mom & I ready for a journey to Bethlehem :-)

 We kept Jack with us as much as we could and just took him to his class right before each performance started. He even got to watch the show with Aunt Hannah one night.
At intermission I asked how he was doing.  This is the response I got...a picture of Jack asleep on the pew.  He made it through most of the 1st act and loved it but just couldn't keep those eyes open any longer!

 One evening Mom-mom had to be with her preschool students while they had their own Christmas program. She offered to take Jack with her to give him a break from his class.  Turns out she stuck him on the stage with her 4 year old students and he sang Christmas songs right along with him like he knew just what he was doing.  He even made it to the big screen!
 In our formal wear
 Jack got his picture with the 3 kings
 And just for is sweet little Amelia...happy to be at church!

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