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Monday, January 27, 2014


We had a couple excursions out to see Santa this December.  Early on in the month I took Jack and Amelia to Bass Pro Shops.
 Amelia waited patiently in line, not too sure what to expect.
 She wasn't a fan this year!  Jack did great!  He wasn't necessarily all smiles, but he willingly walked up to Santa and sat on his lap with a very serious face.  No tears! Yay! 
 Check out this look Amelia gave Santa.  Poor thing!
 Next we went on a carousel ride.

 Then on December 23rd (nothing like waiting until the last minute) we went to the Galleria so Barrett could be with us while they visited Santa.
 Same result this time around too - serious Jack, screaming Amelia. 
 Jack got some alone time sitting on Santa's lap without his screaming baby sister.  This year whenever Jack is asked what he wants for Christmas, his answer is "pizza".
 Checking out the giant Christmas tree at the Galleria

While walking through Nordstrom, Jack couldn't resist the urge to stop and dance to the Christmas music that was being played.  This kids loves to dance!

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