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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Time Is Here...SO MUCH FUN!!!

How we have been spending our days this Christmas season....
All dressed for church
Painting a Christmas tree with a fork
Making a Christmas tree with an ice cream cone, green icing & decorating it with candy
The finished product
Frosty the snowman is living in our house right now. Jack was excited but a little nervous when he saw a snowman in our house. Sweet boy.
We are doing our daily advent with a devotional called "A Meaningful Christmas" and adding  the corresponding ornament to our dining room Christmas tree for each days devotional.
This summer I worked on making this felt nativity for Jack to play with at Christmas time.  I pulled it out today and he loves it!
We parked at the end of the street in Frisco Town Square to watch the dancing Christmas lights.  Amelia sat in my lap to watch the lights...
....and Jack poked his head out the sunroof to get a better view.
We took the kids for a wagon ride and walked throughout our neighborhood on a warmer evening last week before the ice storm blew in to look at Christmas light.  So much fun! 

Jack has enjoyed some evenings of hot chocolate.
Mom-mom brought over this musical moving carousel for Jack.  He LOVES it and will just stand there watching it for a long time.  He loves music and movement!
Amelia wore her Christmas night gown I made her (that coordinates with Jack's PJ's in the picture above).  I had been searching for the perfect pajamas for them with no luck.  But I came across these patterns and decided to give it a try.  I'm in love!

We had a movie night with Cami, Madi & Mom-mom during the ice storm and watched "The Grinch"
Along with hot chocolate, Jack has also been enjoying some cups of egg nog.  He loves using this mini mug since it is just like what Daddy uses to drink coffee.
LOVING these days!!!!

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